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  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ohz8_IafGwE
  2. I have one and used it only a handful of times, but I would bend flag over in an arc and place against the line on reel part. Like any other tip up as line is pulled off it push flag up until it is free/ up like in your pic. Probably works best if flag is wrapped around metal spring steel before putting in set/ ready position. Sorry if this is not clear trying my best to explain what I do. Hope that helps
  3. I personally have found the only way I will use a circle hook is with mono line, the bail closed and the rod at about 45 to 60 degrees to the water. I think that circle hooks have to be left alone to do their job properly and most of us can not stand waiting and waiting and waiting until the fish hooks itself. That being said if am targeting Flats with live bait I will never be using a circle I have had zero nadda for luck that way. Just my 2 cents. Oh and when using the normal 'J' hook and you have a run and you decide it is time to set the hook, give it the onion I mean real down and give it the ONION!
  4. BuckKiller, do us all a favor if Muskie fishing is more fun go do that. I really think you may want to just sit back a take a depth breath and honestly think about the statement you made that if there was no big cats to go after you will just chase muskies with kids you may have some day. I hope you the best of luck in all you do, I do understand your point with many people trying to push their believes and I can't and won't even try. One last note remember one thing these fish when 40 plus pounds were in the river before you were a twinkle in your daddys eye. Later
  5. Congrats Muc33 on your first flattie i am guessing you are now hooked these are some of those nights that a guy will remember for a long time. We may have to hook up and take you out around Mankato sometime.
  6. I too have probably been spending a little more time on the river than I should, but boy has it been fun. I also just caught my PB for the season last night which wasn't hugh but great to do battle with after all the 20 lb or less flatties. I am not going to be complaining though it has been fun and my boys are even getting in on the action a little more this year which just makes it that much more fun for me. Congrat to all of you that have been putting in your time and being rewarded, to everyone else your time will come just keep putting in your dues. later
  7. Wow, I will be the first to say I wouldn't appreciate some one telling me what to do. The thing is I have three young boys that I am am teaching there are better ways to put a meal of fish on the table, then to keep anything that comes into my boat or ice house. Everyone is entilled to keep those fish but that does help those young anglers that may/will have a much harder time finding a trophy to CPR. I honestly can say my boys are going to know the difference meal fair and a photo for bragging rights, and for that I am vary proud of myself and them. Thanks for reading my post.
  8. Just curious if the #4 has much for tip action or if it really stiff. I seem to collect rods weather I need them or not. Tom, let the moths out of that wallet and pick one up so you can let me know hpow it works. lol
  9. Wow! I mean WOW! after seeing those numbers I know I have some work to do if I want to see green.
  10. I wish I could have been out last night, Friday night was unreal. I hope everyone that got out found some of those active fish. My PB Channel came Friday night and hit the bait like a fright train, best clicker run this year by far. Now I just have to wait for the new prop to show up.
  11. It was the same for us many fish boated with all being 10 lbs or less. Last night was one of those night I just seemed to have the fish gods smiling down on me. I can't believe how perfect eveything was weather was great, boat travel was ok, with NO fog! I did however shell the prop beoynd repair on the way back, but was able to limp back to the landing. Well time to start looking for a new prop.
  12. I have used or using abu 6500's and 7000i, penn 209 along with diawa's for Catfishing with baitcaters and found the ABU 7000i to be my favorite for many reasons including big single crank handle, adustable clicker alarm and its loud, also its big spool makes long smooth casting very easy. I have also added a okuma abf 55 and a penn 490 slammer. I like the adjustable clicker on the abf 55 very much but it could stand to be louder. The slammer does not have a clicker at all so this is used as a channel cat rod with mono, and seems to do very well in that situation.
  13. " I did more than 11 in the past 2 weeks" nice Darren that is a funny question for most anyone in this forum.
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