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  1. buzzsaw

    Sun Dogs and more

    Nice work, Dan! Hope all is well with you my friend. Merry Xmas!
  2. buzzsaw

    Predictions for "The Series" at The Cell

    Its been a while since I stopped in here, but I felt the tug to come visit and say hello to my old buddy Windy. Can you believe the way the Twins just pulled away from your Sox? Thats gotta leave a mark! Now it looks like the Tigers have a chance at passing you guys as well... ouch! What the heck needs to change in Chicago for them to be able to compete a bit better?
  3. buzzsaw

    Zim's most sought after bird...

    Darn, I was thinking you were gonna post either the Black Billed Magpie or the Connecticut Warbler. Two species that you can see in that area that you just don't see many images of on forums. Hey, Owls are cool too!
  4. buzzsaw

    Congrats Mr. Lentz!

    Yeah, they are a tough species and take some patience and effort to get good shots of. I may be up north next weekend, not 100% sure yet however.
  5. buzzsaw

    Congrats Mr. Lentz!

    Yes, atleast 2 of the species i want... Bay breasted and a Black throated blue. Do you have either in your archives?
  6. buzzsaw

    Congrats Mr. Lentz!

    Sorry for the late reply. Just checking in as I have time these days. Thanks for that Jackie. I actually didn't submit them to the paper. The paper saw my images and a few others on the MOU HSOforum and asked if it was ok if the paper ran them. Hope all is going well up in Ely Stevo! I am hoping to get up there or nearby in June/July to chase some Warblers.
  7. buzzsaw

    Active Kestrel Box

    Hey Chad! I'm not sure. But I wish Minnesota did what Iowa does and that is put the nest boxes on the back of the signs along the roads for them to nest in. They are far more prevalant down there it seems.
  8. buzzsaw

    Active Kestrel Box

    Hey Stevo! Man I apologize, I've been so busy with two kids, work, photography etc that I let alot of my online stuff go by the wayside. Hope all is well in the northland. Derek or Chad??? I can't share my spot as its actually another friends location, but hopefully I can post some pics later this spring/summer.
  9. buzzsaw

    Active Kestrel Box

    I do.
  10. Fun stuff guys! Looks like me and my group missed seeing ya!
  11. I'm curious how much bigger the new sensor is on this camera? By adding all those mega pixels one would hope its larger. I also wonder why they didn't put more AF points in place to compete better with the D300's 51 pt AF system. I'm not sure if this camera is Canon's mid range answer, only time will tell.
  12. buzzsaw

    Out and about

    Your Enchanted Forest image is very nice and would look great on metallic paper.
  13. buzzsaw

    Least Sandpiper

    Fantastic image! Your low perspective and eye contact are what makes the image for me.
  14. buzzsaw

    Male Black Backed Woodpecker

    That made me chuckle! Sean, as you already know I really like this image as I posted as much in another forum.
  15. buzzsaw

    Young Flicker at nest

    I sense a new power photo team coming from the Duluth area. Its nice having a friend or two to go out and take pics with isn't it?!