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  1. Matchset I think you are looking at this from your perspective only, really. You obviously get to put a lot of days in a tree starting early and finishing late. The majority of professional hunters spend 60 days in a tree to kill the 150's to 170's. The fact of the matter is that the MAJORITY of MN whitetail hunters are there for the beer drinking and talking smart for the weekend. They want to have there 4 of 5 sits and shoot a deer regardless of how big it is. It just isn't that important to them. I truely believe if we have APR's travel further to the north we will loose some of our hunters. We need to recruit more not loose them because a fraction of the hunter population want to pound there chest. I have shot my share of wall hangers and they taste horrible most the time. Maybe I am getting old but I want to preserve the great sport of hunting and not make into something it did not start out to be. Don't forget we started this whole thing for meat not antlers. Somewhere down the line that got lost because people are marketing clothing and other hunting shwag. In fact I can argue the deer heard is healthier not having a balanced age structure. A two year old is going to do better in a hard winter that an 5 y.o. buck that has been run down from the rut.
  2. That is a great photo. Well done!!
  3. Pretty big animal. He has blown his coat off so he looks smaller and more like a yote. At first I thought yote but now I'm thinking wolf.
  4. With the nice spring/early summer we have been having I hope we have a high survival rate.
  5. Cool, It's nice when a plan comes together.
  6. In SE MN we saw more birds this spring than we saw in 2011. 2011 was a brutal year in both spring and fall for us. Still this year is nothing like we saw in 2010. I think over all the birds are down in our area.
  7. Don, I didn't realize that a bird south of an inch may be 3 years old. That makes sence now. It is logical that we have only killed a couple 4 y.o.'s and a few more 3 y.o.s and more 2 y.o.s than anything. I have another question for you: When you watch Turkey videos and read articles you always see those birds have big hooks. Most the time they are hunting down south. Is ther just that many more birds in the Southern U.S. that they have a higher population of older birds? You may or may not know the answer to this. Thanks,
  8. What do you look for on birds to help figure out what age they are? Over the years we have killed 48 birds out of our turkey camp. We hunt both fall and spring seasons so roughly 30% of those birds are hens. There are a handful of jakes in there as well. Of the remaining Toms we have only killed 2 birds with spurs longer than 1". Are we killing a lot of 2 year old Toms? The average weight of these birds is 21lbs.-23lbs. but we have killed birds that weighed 24lbs.-25lbs. Are the heavier birds 3 y.o.? Any info would be great.
  9. I hunt with a guy that shoots 3" #7's. I have seen him ROLL birds at 40-45 yards. I mean not even twitch kinda roll.
  10. We have been planting Chufa for a couple years now. It is a hard plant to get established but it has worked for us. If you have interest in planting it PM me and I will tell you what we have found to work the best in getting a good crop. We had one year they couldn't stay out of it. This is down in SE MN and that is on the very northern range of where you can plant it. We do have clover patches around that they will use as well.
  11. Muskie456

    Today's Hunt

    Nice to see one on the ground. Congrats on a fun day.
  12. Slim, Where in the state are you planting? If you are in Ag country I have found white clover to work better than red. If you are in the northern part of state you can save a couple bucks and plant red clover. It seem animals up north are not as picky as down south. This is just what I have observed.
  13. Great looking buck, I'm going with mid to upper 150's.
  14. I have trail camera photos of them just south of Bemidji. They also had a season on them around Theif River falls last spring. They are amazingly tough
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