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  1. UKCM

    Texas Riggin for Bass ....

    Anybody who tells my wife I have more than 2 lbs of plastic baits is no longer my friend.
  2. UKCM

    What's Working Now...

    I would love to have a post of what is working. But last weekend I pretty found out what was not working Spent two days heavily targeting pannies. Man we tried, humps, we tried in the reeds and the edges of the reeds, we worked weedy drop-offs from deep to shallow. We tried, waxies, plastics, gulp, panfish leeches. I even tried drop shotting after reading about it here. in the end we had about 5 fish we could have kept. We did catch some smaller ones but not even that many of them. The electronics thought we were on fish often. Our rods not so much. Oh well, I guess I just have to admit the fish won this round.
  3. UKCM

    What's Working Now...

    What size of Pimples do you use and what type of gulp do you use? This seems like it would be a good technique in a little deeper water?
  4. UKCM

    What's Working Now...

    I fish a large lake that has algae stained water. We found nice sunnies (8 to 8 1/2 inches) in two types of places. There is an area that is a large bar with mud bottom. There we found them in 11 - 14 foot of water. We were also able able to find some in the sparser reeds. It was a bit hit or miss there are there are miles of reeds on the lake. In those cases the fish were in 6 or 7 foot of water. The fish were caught vertical jigging with our ice fishing rods either waxies or gulp minnows. The waxies provided more action, the gulp had a better average size and provided a few bonus crappies. There were 4 of us fishing and only one was not using an ice fishing rod and he only caught one over 8 inches compared to those using the ice fishing rods catching 12 - 25. The larger bluegill bites were very subtle and they were relating very close to the bottom. My buddies were having some luck leaving their bait on the bottom for a few seconds and it appeared the fish either picked it up off of the bottom or immediately after it came off of the bottom. Reading the other posts, I think I need to add a dropshot rig for this type of fishing. Also in hindsight I would have pounded the bottom with my jig like I do ice fishing.
  5. UKCM

    True North Fish House

    Just want to comment that it is great to see a thread where the topic has been discussed and analyzed without someone saying 'Don't buy x...Buy what I have' Lots of good objective input on the topic posted. Thanks to all of the contributers
  6. UKCM

    2014 Chase - Championship

    I am going with Newman Logano Hamlin Harvick
  7. UKCM

    Dog uses my yard

    How about Laxitives in the owners food?
  8. UKCM

    Down and Side Imaging worth it?

    Google Doctor Sonar. There is a ton of free info there as well as DVD's you can purchase. DI does not have a cone but it does a wider scan than your traditional sonar, basically a skinny oval . They cover slightly different areas. So while often you will see a fish on both at the same time there are times when you will see a fish on one but not the other. I love the DI for the ability to separate weeds from fish. My 2D sonor words more reliably at high speed. I am still learning how to use SI. I have seen some cool things but I would love a larger screen for it. (I have and HDS 7 and HDS 5) I will never be without DI again, however I am not ready at all to give up my 2D sonar.
  9. UKCM

    What are Lowrance guys supposed to do?

    Can't say that I like it as I own Lowrance, but if I remember correctly it was not that many years ago when Lakemaster was only available on Lowrance and not on Humminbird. You know what they say about payback.
  10. UKCM

    Downscans and Snapshots

    I still struggle with Side Scan. One thing I am really trying to figure out is how to use side scan to see fish on the outside edge of a reed bed. Does anybody have any shots showing and example of this? When I drive by the reeds I have no idea what I am seeing on my sidescan.
  11. Guess, I can not speak for every motor, but my 1999 115 Evinrude will start and run without the clip in place. If it is there when started, pulling it out will stop the motor.
  12. What you want to see is if it is connected and the motor starts and runs, then disconnect and see if it stops. It should start if disconnected. Picture a situation where the lanyard is connected, the driver is thrown from the boat, the clip comes disconnected and comes off in the water. You would still want the boat to start once the driver climbed back in.
  13. UKCM

    Anchor in your bass boat?

    If you ever have mechanical problems you may wish you had an anchor. Nothing like a windy day and a rocky shore or current in a similar situation to make you wish you had a way to stop your boat. I am sure the bass boat has a trolling motor for alternate power, but it is pretty hard to try and fix something at the back of the boat and run your trolling motor at the same time.
  14. UKCM

    Egg Boiling People

    If I did not know better I would say you worked with me.
  15. UKCM

    Egg Boiling People

    Wow, 10 pages on whether or not to poke a hard boiled egg. That pretty much leaves me speechless.