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  1. Last year I got into trolling big lures for northerns and musky. It worked from time to time, but this year I would like to expand on it. I have cranks/jerkbaits (suicks) any where from 6in raiders, and 7in slammers to 10 jakes and 13 squirellys jakes (also a double d and a triple d). What other baits would you recommend for trolling the 10 to 20 foot range (80lb pp, 100ft+ back), keep in mind I am looking for northerns also. As for rod and reel, right now I have a BPS 7 foot 6in flippin stick that has worked great ( it gives quite a bit, which is good for jerking , with a abu revo s). I am looking at getting a new setup for trolling these lures. The combo would have to pull up to 13in Grandmas and jerk suicks. What are your suggestions? I love the abu reels, so the winch looks pretty enticing. So I guess I'm looking at a rod and reel combo that can handle jerk trolling with suicks and running cranks as big as the 13in Grandma. Thanks, Musky P.S. The big lure kept most of the little snakes off, but it is amazing what a 19in northern will hit.
  2. I caught a few small fish out of it Saturday night, the house is a joy to fish out of. Setup was easy, I didn't put the ice anchors in, it wasn't windy. It stayed plenty warm in there with the bigbuddy heater on low to medium. I didn't have any snow to bank it up either. So, easy setup and tear down, banking the house up will help with propane and makeing it more stable on the ice. Thats is what I got so far. Happy Fishing.
  3. I will have my first ice fishing outing with this house tommorrow night (sat. 12/3) Crappie fishing with one other and myself. I will let you know how it goes. I am wondering what they are getting these for at the Ice Show, I will not be able to make it down there to the cities to check out the show, but would like to check it out someday. Happy fishing.
  4. O.K. here goes my take on the fatfish I have so far. I bought the 949i (insulated) yesterday. I set it up tonight and really liked it. I sat in it for about 2 hours (27 degrees and no wind, and somewhat frozen ground) with my big buddy heater on low/medium the whole time. I was very comfy, no jacket on. I had two Frabill light bars in there and it did the job. I would think that maybe one more would really light it up in there. Rope LEDS would work out great in that house. Jedi, I believe it will seal up well, I plan on using it from time to time spearing as well. Banking up the house will be key to sealing out any light, but the windows cover pretty well. Anyway it is a nice house (big, lots of room for one or two others and myself) I think for the price, and should work out well for me this year. I was just sitting on a folding chair and that worked out great. Anybody else have any thoughs yet on the Eskimo Fat Fishes this early season. I like mine so far and have a major ice itch. This house is going to work out great when I start driving on the lakes, it takes up alot less space in the bed of my truck than the Clam Yukon I have. So when I start driving I will be using it all the time. Last year I was driving on 12/22, with the forcast I don't think that will happen this year. Hope that helps.
  5. Nascar has got to be loving this. I saw some of the press conferance the other day. They should have weighed in, it was like a title fight in boxing. Looking forward to the race, I like both drivers, so I guess I don't care who wins.
  6. Most of the Walleye fishing I do (95%) is 20 feet and deeper. That is why I am leaning towards braid for my deadstick setup. Better hooksets with the braid over the mono.
  7. What is the word on deadstick line. I have been using 6lb fireline on my jigging rods, and 6 to 8 pound on my bobber rods (for Walters). I have used Micro ice before for bobber/deatstick rods and thought it wasn't strong enough, would 6 to 8 pound work out for deadsticking? I am so used to using braid (fireline, powerpro) for open water it is hard to use/feel that mono during Ice fishing. Thoughts, Thanks, not that far away from hard water can't wait.
  8. I'm in again this year. It makes the races more fun to watch, or not watch. Thanks for setting it up again. Musky
  9. musky999

    Skeet Reese Rods

    Thanks for the replies.
  10. musky999

    Skeet Reese Rods

    Just saw these in the Cabela's catelog, wondering if anybody have seen them in person and what you think about them. The price is decent, I figured they would be very expensive. Thanks, Musky
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, that little tiny mini boom box is the radio I have been using. It would make a good hockey puck.
  12. I was just wondering what you guys use for a radio in your portable house. I have a little cheap radio from Fleet Farm that works, but it seems to have bad reception and it is not durable enough to hold up. I am on my second one. I am just looking to upgrade and to see if the FMer's have any suggestions. Thanks, musky
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