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  1. My grandma used to make kraut in the jars,I think she water bath canned it afterwards though.Dont know how it would keep otherwise.I think it would keep fermenting and blow up your jars.I reckon you could keep it in fridge for a couple weeks or so.
  2. If you like yellow tomatoes,dont overlook Lemon Boys,they are great tasting,and produce massively.Seem to have good disease resistence also.President is a good red.
  3. Lancelot bicolor.Best Ive ever planted.Has good cold weather vigor.Think it's 83day.
  4. I'd say cowbird also,but I aint no expert,had one at our feeder,here in S.E.Iowa,a couple weeks ago too.A little bigger than a sparrow and a little smaller than a starling.
  5. I like mine dusted with flour,and pan fried in half butter,and half veg. oil.Most every body around here,likes the egg and cracker crumb method,i myself think it detracts from the taste.My bro in-law likes them creamed with asparagus on toast.Tenderized round steak,and morel gravy aint too hard to take either.
  6. Anybody ever try those mini-umbrella rigs for trolling for crappie?I was reading about it,looks like it would work pretty good.


    They work great on the streams in N.E.Iowa,caught rainbows,and browns both.Never floated them,small hook,and a split shot.
  8. Well,you guessed wrong,I do own my own ground,and I also,have permission to ride on private ground.All I use mine for is snow removal,and hunting.I think atv safety education is a good deal,but when the state robs the funds,set aside for these programs,where does it end?
  9. I quit registering mine,after Vil-sack... Robbed the money set aside for atv safety ed.They can fine me,I'll take my chances.
  10. If you like sauerkraut,that's another good way to roast them whole,stuff them,and put it around them in the roaster.
  11. No,you really cant cut out the mudline,when you score them,cause you leave the skin intact,and just score down thru the flesh.Hen fish have a lot less mudiness to them,than the males.Make sure your knife is sharp,and cut down thru fillet,that way,you'll cut down thru the Y-bones,stop,before you cut the skin of the fillet.That way when you deep fry them the Y-bones are somewhat cooked,and they are short.
  12. A female carp,out of cold water is hard to beat.To clean them,slip-scale them,with a sharp knife,cutting against the scales,leaving the skin on,then fillet off the back bone.Flip skin-side down,and score thru the fillet,about a quarter of an inch apart,from one end to the other,without cutting thru the skin.bread them,and deep fry.There's a mud line in the middle,just eat around that.They are also good smoked or pressure canned.

    chicken livers?

    Cure them with garlic salt,the salt toughens them up,and they work better than plain ones..
  14. Canola is about all I ever use for deep frying.Has no odor to me.Very neutral taste .
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