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  1. WittleWaldo

    So, what do you think of "Nordy"...the new mascot.

    looks like a tweeked out chipmunk. What's with that smile? A black eye and a few missing teeth would make a much needed improvement
  2. WittleWaldo

    Vikings 12 Lions 10

    'a win is a win' attitude might get them to the playoffs in this division with a little luck. But anyone who has watched this team KNOWS they don't stand any chance in the postseason playing like this.
  3. WittleWaldo

    Quick help guys, befor noon today!!

    I'd go with Graham for the exact reasons you stated.
  4. WittleWaldo

    I need a few opinions here......

    I would start Jackson - Oak D is 26th vs pass while Cinci is ranked 12th; Oaks run D(13th) should keep the ball up in the air while Cincies run D(28th) should keep the ball on the ground for Oaks offense. It is this run D of Cincies that would lead to... Go with starting Lewis - Tougher call. I too had to contemplate long and hard whether or not to start Lewis, and I still haven't decided. The only reason I would play him is because Cincies run D is so terrible. The Pack is nothing too special either, but Graham has to share the ball more. Good Luck
  5. Why not just go shot some cows grazing? It's just as challenging.
  6. WittleWaldo

    Week 4 opinions

    I was hoping to get a few opinions on a couple of starts this weekend. C. Portis - Has put up some decent #s but is going against a 6th ranked run D vs J. Lewis - He's been a huge disappointment so far but is playing against the Bengals who are 28th against the run. J Witten - Solid as TEs get but is going up against the Reds who have basically shut down that position. Only 6 attempts total while playing against the Skins. NYG-2 NOS-3 AZC-1. Now of course it wasn't Whitten and Romo playing those games, but it is still impressive. vs T Gonzalez - Cursed to a crappie team yet is playing against Denver who has been very generous in giving their opponents' TEs some room to make plays. -Witten has been thrown to 28 times while Gonzalez has had 33 attempts
  7. WittleWaldo

    Derek Anderson- One Year Wonder??

    I am also starting to question his abilities as I too put my early qb pick on him. Thankfully I was able to pick up P Rivers just after week two. Benched Anderson last week and I think that's where he is going to stay for awhile.
  8. WittleWaldo

    Fantasy: K.Robinson or D.Stallworth?

    You are doomed. I wouldn't expect much from either. Pick any FA out of a hat and you'll probably have a better chance.
  9. WittleWaldo

    Your new starting QB: Gus Frerotte

    Get on the bus Gus We don't expect much Hand it to AP And set the Vikes free
  10. Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again,thank-you.
  11. WittleWaldo

    Fantasy Chatter

    ...or you could be right; fortunately for me I was able to put him on IR which gave me an open slot to pick up another player. No harm no foul, for now. If and when he does return I think I'll keep him on the bench for a game or two to see what he does. I'd hate to not give it a chance and then end up regretting it come late season.
  12. WittleWaldo

    week 2........who would you start

    Not Addai - Vikes D Not Jones Drew - Shares ball too much Not Williams - Bears D Fargus would probably be your best bet with 'guess lucky' coming in second
  13. WittleWaldo

    What the????

    Quote: Fox should be embarrassed putting this show on Isn't this the same network that brought us 'Who's Your Daddy?' a couple seasons ago? I'm thinking they have no shame and therefore cannot be embarrassed.
  14. WittleWaldo


    I loved the way Burns would get all p'offed when things were getting bad. A far cry from the uninspiring purple hippopotamus we found in Grimmis Green.