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  1. There are absolutely NO, Zero, Nada Pheasants in Lac Qui Parle County (And the hatch won't be any good either!)
  2. Ok...I held off as long as I could. My personal feeling is that this debate comes down to an east/west issue at least as far as upland goes. In what I'll call the "west" (roughly an hour west of I29 and south of Iowa) birds are not concentrated in "small" areas of cover. You need a big running dog to find birds...and then you find the dog. We hunt a ranch in ND for Sharps that is 63 sections! We do it off of horse back and have a ball!!! Quail in the south and south west are the same story. You need a dog that can efficiantly find game and the wait for you to find him. Ruffies are a differant story...my GWP and VDD will find a ton of ruffs that I cant get my fat butt through the thick to. same thing with large cattail stands...the limitation isn't on the dog, it's on my ability to get to the dog That being said when anyone asks me what kind of dog they should get, I tell them it is my opinion that the "best" dog for the upper midwest is a lab. The majority of the cover in this area is best suited for labs ( or Clumber spanials!!) and they generally are personable, easily trained dogs. The next best breed would be any of the "versitale" breeds with the deciding factor probably being coat prefferance or if the dog is used at all for waterfowl. Now that I've vented that off my chest, lets get to the first message of this thread. In my 20 years of traing GWP and VDD the ONLY thing I haven't had to train them to do is how to Point. I have to train them to come, sit, heel, down, and yes I force break all my dogs (as should all hunting dog owners including lab owners). Most all of my dogs retrive naturally, but I want that to be a command so there is no question to bring the game back. Just my 2 scents worth. you don't have to listen to me...no one else does!
  3. The Lac Qui Parle PF banquet will be Feb 10th at the Madison VFW. Prime Rib Dinner, lots of Prints, Guns, Even a Sweethart raffle!! Get her Valentines present and support wildlife at the same time!!!! Crowing hour starts at 5:30 Dinner at 6:30
  4. Go to pheasantsforever.org . From there you should be able to email the chapter.
  5. I just found out today that my hunting mentor and second father, Rob Watlov, had a heart attack while hunting in Canada. He is stable in ICU in Minot ND, but has alot of damage done to his heart. The Dr has said he will be very limited to his physical activities, and then he said the killer....no hunting. The reason I am writting this is because it didn't have to be like this. He had ignored the classic warning signs. Twice in the past couple of months in the twin cities, and overnight while in Canada. He didn't want to ruin anyone's hunt. How do you think the hunt is going now? Rob had a family history of heart problems and eventhough he is probably the fittest 52 year old I kow, he still should of gone for check ups. I hope that the doctors are wrong and that I can be in the blind with him soon, but if not maybe this message will motivate someone to get checked out. I'll close with his favorite quote "Good Hunting Partners Last a Lifetime"
  6. Chaps are the way to go. I bought a "lightweight" pair from cabelas 10 years ago. Now evey pair of pants I own are huntin pants (except for the ones that "shrunk" in the wash!)
  7. I think what you're seeing is you are in an area that the DNR banded family groups...and they haven't left the area yet. We have had "slugs" of bands this year 2 or 3 at a time. and then nothing for a week. But we did get 2 $100 reward bands!!!! "Honey, I need some money. OK I"ll go huntin!!
  8. Ok I have called geese for about 15 years or so with a Big River Flute. I am successful with it, but My brother-in-law got a short reed last year and it sounds sooooo gooood! So I went and bought a heartland short reed AND CAN"T FIGURE IT OUT! I know you're not supposed to "blow" a short reed, and I try to bring eveything from the gut, but it still ends up sounding like a party favor!! I know the call works because I have had several people blow it and it sounds great. How would you teach a 5 year old (my mental age!)how to blow a short reed? What sounds do I try to make without the call? Thanks web
  9. Here how I get birds out of my freezer. Marinate breast in 1/2 of a can of beer and 1 cup BBQ sauce. Preferrably over night. Cut breast into 2" cubes. Try to make all cubes the same size. Wrap each cube in a slice of bacon and secure with a tooth pick. Grill on a charcaoal gril with indirect heat for about 45 min. turning once. I have taken these to parties with a crowd that I suspected to be somewhat "anti-hunting" and they finished em off and ask me to bring em every year.
  10. SW MN was dry.We ended up with only three, but 1 had a $100 reward band on it! Between that and the fact that 2 of em were shot off a golf course that hadn't opened yet, it turned out to be a memorable day.
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