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  1. RAB

    Home Made Anchors?

  2. RAB

    Cats at an artist gallery

    I think this is an Al Agnew. I wish I could find a print of it.
  3. Which cabin did you guys stay in? Some decent walleyes and pictures on the walls eh?
  4. Glad you guys had a good trip. I'd agree with the down river = bigger fish comment. I'd say all of my top 5 biggest fish have come between the spillway and the golf course.
  5. That article doesn't do it justice. If you can get them on floats in shallow water, there is nothing more fun. Although a "true" 30 pounder is pretty rare from my experiences. It took me over 60 days on the water and over 500 cats before I caught an honest 30+. 18 pounds is an honest average though.
  6. RAB

    Help Please

    Toad Smith used to pull out some slack line and lay a stick on top of it.
  7. That is what you look like to this guy right before he blasts you with a laser.
  8. RAB

    Add Shiners to the list

    I had a run last night while using a 10" channel cat for bait. Hookset was an airball though. Then caught 3 flatheads on really small 4"-5" suckers. You never know.
  9. RAB

    Signs of a good night.

    For those of us who only get to fish once a week, if that, those scrapes are great reminders during the long work week. Although I caught 2 flats on Saturday and neither one scratched me at all.
  10. RAB

    The "New" E-CAT

    Now we just need St. Croix to make the Classic Cat rods again! There was surge of manufacturers making high end cat rods back around 2001-2003 and then they seemed to fade away.
  11. RAB

    The "New" E-CAT

    Is the New E-Cat really any different from the old ones? I have several of the originals. BTW, IMO, the Quantum Big Cat is a cheaper version of the same rod. I ran into Jim up in Lockport back when the original E-Cats came out and believe it or not he was using a #2 on the big channel cats in that heavy current!
  12. RAB

    state record ?

    What if somebody had caught the fish the day before you did? What if he thought it was going to die anyway and had kept it?
  13. RAB

    new setup what line to use??

    Steve I had to laugh at the idea of a line company using your idea as a way to market HI-Vis line. I can see the commercials now, some poor guy in the dark all tangled up in fishing line...
  14. RAB

    age of catfish

    Sample data from the WI DNR on the Winnebago system indicate: 9 year old flathead should be around 30 inches and 14 pounds 14 year old flathead should be around 35 inches and 25 pounds 18 year old flathead should be around 40 inches and 42 pounds 24 year old flathead should be around 45 inches and 50 pounds
  15. RAB

    DISGUSTED at the access Friday afternoon

    I've done a fair amount of work with the WI DNR on flathead regs on my home river. One thing they freely admit is that 99% of the states regs are just guesses. Unless a specific species has been studied in a specific waterway and specific regs were created...you cannot just assume that keeping every legal fish will not harm the fishery. The DNR also admits that most changes to regs are reactionary, well after the damage has been done. In our case the investiagtion began in 1993 and the new flathead regulations went into affect in 2009. Think about that for a minute. And it will be at least another 10 years before they expect to see any results. And even now, we have a 1 flathead bag limit with a 2 fish possession limit, setlines and bank pole rules were unchanged because of "tradition". So a guy goes and buys a setline license..then he buys one for his wife....his dad...his brother...his uncle and his mother. He runs 4 or 5 setlines with 25 hooks each and "checks" them everyday. He can keep 6 flatheads per day and if there are 7 on the hooks he can leave one there for tomorrow as long as he "checks" his lines he is completely within the law..even the new, stricter regulations.