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  1. Congrats to her on her first deer. I spined my first deer too! Finally got the measurements from mine. Green grossed 135 6/8 and netted 128 6/8. What he lacked in tine length he more then made up for in mass. I couldnt get my hands around the beam on either side between his 2s and 3s.
  2. Managed to get out last friday between the rain storms. Sat in a new stand that I had hung the week before and had got some nice bucks on camera right away. Trail cam said that does were coming by everyday like clock work at 6:30PM and I had two bucks come one day at 9:30PM. So I had my fingers crossed that maybe the front would get them on their feet a little earlier. Well 6:30 rolled around and I was waitng for the doe to come out and suddenly she appeared 45 yrds out in front of me but was on very high alert. Being she was upwind i figured it must have been the wind that seemed to have her on edge. After watching her for a couple minutes and realizing she hadnt took her eyes off of this one direction I looked over, and to my pleasant surprise the 11pt I had pictures of was standing only 20yrds away from me. I didnt hear anyhing cause of the ground being soaked. I quickly grabbed my bow, drew, stopped him at 25yrds and made the shot. From the time I first seen him till I shot was less then 10 seconds! The rain moved in quick and not having the best blood trail anymore but knowing I had made a good shot, we backed out and walked right up to him the next morning.
  3. I can't find the border openner dates any where in Mn. info. Wi says the 4th same as there lakes. Im hopping thats wrong, and it's the week earlier like last year. Anyone know for sure? Thanks, dny
  4. Ive shot rage since the first year they have came out. Three years ago iI switched to the 2 blade just because, from what I've found, there is less binding as they open. The ten deer and the elk that I've killed with em has been nothing less than impressive. I could literally stink my hand in the hole of my elk, not to mention the guide said out of the 100+ elk he has tracked he had never seen anything close to the blood trail it left. The farthest I have had a deer go was 75yrds and most have tipped within 30. The 'problem' with the blades popping open in the quiver has pretty will been solved this year with the shock collar. This year I killed my buck and doe with the new chisel tip and was really happy with the penetration. Alot of the shots people arent getting pass throughs on you probably wouldnt have with your other heads either. So IMO why not have a giant entrance and most the time giant exit hole, 2" vs. a 1 1/8"? I guess if your worried about them working then dont shoot em. As for me my quiver will be loaded with em for many seasons to come! They have a pretty sweet video on there web sight of some kill footage thats pretty impressive.
  5. I went out on last monday morning 10-29-12. Sat in the same stand that I shot my big 8 out of last year to basically do some scouting for the week and to see how the rut was comin along in this woods since I hadnt been in there at all this year. Right away at first light I seen 2 does and 2 fawns messing around in the swamp. I watched the one doe kick her button buck out and he ended up walking right under me and went into the thick brush behind me. About two minutes later I hear a deer walking from that way back toward me. I just assumed it was that fawn, untill I hear him grunt. I immediatly grabbed my bow and as i did i looked back and seen rack coming through. I turned and by this time he was already under me. I had one open spot under me so i drew. The buck took a few more steps and got into my lane. I completely over bleated him to stop and he trotted back to about 9 yrds. I took aim shot and my arrow, after hitting a branch that i didnt see by my hand, sailed 2 ft over his back. In disbelief I quickly went for another arrow. The buck stopped out at 25yrds and looked back. I was able to get to full draw again with him lookin right at me, so i took aim and shot again. This time the arrow found its mark and the buck made it 70yrds and piled up. The rut is an amazing thing! No way would I have gotten away with that early season. One screw up and he woulda been gone for good!,
  6. DAD-N-EYE

    sick fish?

    Must be sick. I had a scientist tell me that another common way for them to die is from starving. He said that when fish get old they loose their eyesight just like humans as well as their hearing. Taking them two senses out of the picture, it makes it a lil tough to get enough food to feed a big fish. In return they dont have the energy, airbladder gets weak, and they sink to the bottom. Im sure they're are a 100 diff theories but it made sense to me.
  7. I also buy them from christo. Just an fyi alot of plastics all come out of the same mold, from the same plant, just into different bags. I know for a fact that the ones from christophersons, gm, cabelas, and big bite all come from the same place. If you like to rig them wacky check out the X-factors. They come prepoored with an o-ring.
  8. I have a 12 ft cedar strip boat in really good shape. It was made by alexandria boat works ih alexandria MN. Im looking to sell it but don't have a clue what to ask. can anyone help?Thanks dad-n-eye 763 238 6521 Dean
  9. So I went out this morning and my blind was in a bad spot. Shoulda had it where I did last year. Anyways 5 or 6 were gobblin in that woods. They went into the field where the blind woulda been and went the other direction. 30 min later I heard what i thought sounded like a jake gobble. I yelped a couple times and 5 jakes came runnin in to my hen decoy at 10 yrds where one strutted with his chest up against it. I couldnt hold back and I shot him. My question is since the 4 other jakes spooked, if i move my blind to where i wanted, will they remeber that call and more imortant tell the toms that its danger. Or should i just use a diff call. I want my dad to get one tomorrow and im sure im way over thinking it but wanted to see what you guys have experienced as far as theyre memory to calls.
  10. I like 50# for froggin cause i can cast a little bit farther but for flippin i like 65. The new PP Super 8 Slick is unbelievabely soft and smooth. I thought the 832 was nice till i got this stuff.
  11. Milk weed works really well however I did switch to the puff bottle for two reasons. One is the plastic bag always made a krinkly noise especially when cold and two is that I have noticed that the powder is light enough to where I could detect the thermals a little bit better.
  12. Had something happen to me on Sunday that wasnt planned. We did a drive and as predicted I had 3 deer come running out and they stopped at 40yrds and looked the other way. I pulled my gun up got lined up on the last biggest doe and started to squeeze trigger, and literally a milasecond before the gun went off the one doe in front of her spun on her hind legs and stood behind the one I was aiming for. The gun went off the back one dropped in her tracks and the front one ran 50yrds and tipped over dead. Now before anybody jumps on my case about knowing what ur shooting at or anything on animal blocking I can assure you 100% I would not have taken the shot knowing that was gonna happen(the other doe goin behind the one I was aiming for). I am just glad that both died quickly and that one didnt go wounded.
  13. The way I understand em is that you wont get a very big entrance hole. So no pass thru and you're in trouble. Maybe theres somethin Im missing though....
  14. Chose to sit in my rifle stand this mornin, and of coarse the big 10 I have 100s of trail cams picks of, walks by my stand, 10 yrds away at 6:45! I wish dad woulda been there this mornin! He went tonight and seen him runnin around he was just too far, to thick, or just on too fast of a clop wouldnt stop for him. At least the MRI is telling us the big ones are up on there feet now.
  15. Went out last night to a stand that I used to hunt alot but with new ground have kinda abandoned(wanted, what I though was my good spot, to rest for the morning) just to sit and see. Seen a decent amount of sign on the way in including two fresh scrapes and a rub with alot of tracks through the neck down I was hunting. Wasnt seeing anything until right at dusk when I heard a deer cutting across the swamp between two willow thickets at around 125yrds. Pulled up the binos and seen that it was a big 8 but was just crusing with his nose up trying to catch wind of a hot doe. I grabbed my grunt call and grunted with no response(Im thinking he was making to much noise walking through the cattails to hear anything) so I grunted louder, he looked for a second but kept goin so I let out a snort wheeze and he turned toward me stopped for a second then started strait for my direction. Doubting the whole time that it would actually go by the book, I grabbed my bow and got ready before I knew it he was 40yrds and closing coming strait to my tree. I pulled back when he was at 20, he came into 5yrds where I finally had an opening, stopped, and I let him have it. He made it 15yrds before doin the stagger and he piled up. Then the whole reason I hunt kicked in.....The uncontrolled shakes, unhealthy breathing and heart coming out of my chest, when I realized what just happened. I called a 4.5 yr old 130" 8pt in to the base of my tree! Just goes to show ALWAYS ALWAYS hunt no matter what. When its the rut anything can happen but not if you're sittin on the couch.....
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