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  1. ds

    Nocturnal Bears

    Ok, I was thinking of putting raw bacon in a can and cooking it with a sterno would that work?
  2. ds

    Nocturnal Bears

    Just curious how do you do a burn, do you use a sterno and a metal can?
  3. ds

    Anybody know any clean jokes?

    There was a truck driver waiting at a stop light. A hitch hiker ask the truck driver for a ride to the next town. The truck driver says sure. About a mile down the road the truck driver is waiting at another light and the hitch hiker looks to the side and sees a dog in the ditch licking his sack, he looks over at the driver and says "I wish I could do that" the truck driver leans over to look at the dog and says "I don't know he looks kinda mean, you better pet him 1st.
  4. ds

    Brown Trout

    Thanks,that's what I was thinking of trying. Do you find them in the same spots as rainbows, on the thermocline, or are they more shallow?
  5. ds

    Brown Trout

    I have fished a few lakes that are stocked with Brown Trout, however the only thing I can catch are Rainbow's Does anyone have a suggestion where to start looking for browns? I read someplace that they feed at night?
  6. ds

    Anybody know any clean jokes?

    There was an old Itallian that was turning 100 next week. A local reporter went to his house to do a story on him. The old man stated that he has been married 80 years and never had a fight with his wife in 80 years. The reporter asked how he was able to go 80 years without getting into a fight with his wife. He said on his wedding day he was given a nice donkey and a wagon from his wifes father. After the wedding he and his wife were riding the new wagon home with the donkey pulling the wagaon. About a mile down the road the donkey started bucking and threw me off the wagon, I walked up to the donkey punched it in the face and said, "now Mr Donkey that's a once for you." I got back on the wagon and only got another mile down the road, the donkey threwe me from the wagon again. I got up punched the donkey in the faace and said "now Mr donkey that's a twice for you." I was getting close to home and that donkey threw me to the groud again, this time I got up took out my gun and shot that donkey. My new wife started yelling at me and started punching me teling me that I was a terrible person I just sat there calmly let her finish. I asked her if she was finished, she said she was, then I slapped her in the face and said "Now that's a once for you too". Ever since then my wife has never raised her voice to me.
  7. ds

    Upper Red Lake Area

    Has anyone been around the upper red lake area? I know they have some trails up there, but I can't find any info on the area.
  8. I was checking the differential oil level in my 2005 cat 650 v twin. It is about an inch below the fill hole, I right away thought that it was low but checking on-line there are some that say it is suppose to be an inch low so you don't build up too much pressure and blow the seals and other that say fill it to the top. Does anyone have an owners manual or know off the top of you head. Thanks
  9. ds

    Snowmobile is "squirrley"

    My Arctic Cat did the same thing, last spring I called Bergstom Skegs, he sent me a couple shims for no charge, it took 95% of the darting out. Check out his web sight nice guy, knows everything about sleds.
  10. ds

    2009 Fishing Opener

    Thanks, I thought the opener had something to do with counting back from Memorial weekend.
  11. ds

    2009 Fishing Opener

    I know I'm jumping the gun but does anyone know when the 2009 Fishing opener is scheduled for. I am guessing May 9th, or will it be pushed back until May 16th?
  12. Thanks, looks like the one main trail I would want to walk the costal trail has been washed away.
  13. I have most of my trip planned, I need something to fill a day in the Seward area. I am fishing one day, taking a cruise one day, and going to exit glacier one day. Is there some good hiking around Seward, or north of Seward I should try? Or anything else someone can think of. Thanks
  14. ds


    Thank you that is what I thought.
  15. If I am correct I do not need a passport to travel back to the US from Canada unless I am traveling by air until 2008. Can somebody confirm this for me please. I really don't want to spent $97.00 for a one day trip on a passport.