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  1. bottom-bouncer

    What do you say when someone asks you...

    I always catch my fish on lake nunya, as in nunya business. That's what I tell my buddies who are always looking for fish that they don't have to put the time and effort into. If I'm on a lake and am.having some Luck and someone asks for some tips I share what is working for me, I figure there out there trying why not try to help them out, if somebody who is taking the time to bring children or maybe a senior out I will put them on my spot and move over to a different spot.
  2. bottom-bouncer

    Lindy River Rocker Giveaway

    Im in.
  3. bottom-bouncer

    honda or yamaha?

    i wouldnt buy either of these units they are both way to quiet! you need something that makes some noise otherwise you will have people setting up right next to you. The louder the better just leave it in trhe back of your truck and and turn the truck around so that the generator is facing away from you you wont hear a thing.
  4. bottom-bouncer

    Survey for a Class

    Catfish- never Pike-never Walleye- spring,summer,fall,winter. Panfish- whenever the kids are with
  5. bottom-bouncer

    Lindy Rigging rig.

    +1 for the exact reasons Jim said bail open finger on the line that is how you fish a kinship rig
  6. bottom-bouncer

    Hydraulic or Crank?

    Well when you are done digging out your extra jack and stacking your blocks. I will have already replaced my cable when your done jacking your house up to put the locking pin in place I'll be at the bar waiting for you. I will however buy you a cold one since you will probably be thirsty.
  7. bottom-bouncer

    Hydraulic or Crank?

    In reallity all three systems will get the job done. And all three systems will also fail For me I look at wich one of the three will be the easiest to repair on a lake in the dark when its cold. At the bottom of my list is hydraulics. You will have leaks and sooner or later you will blow a hose. Good luck getting a replacement hose on a sunday afternoon in baudette or washkish.
  8. bottom-bouncer

    hockey fight videos

    I like when the annnouncer says the wisconsin players are throwing the souix players equipment into the stands. and I suppose the north dakota players arent supposed to get ubset about that.
  9. bottom-bouncer

    Trolling Battery ?

    +1 doesnt matter what the math says 24v will outlast 12v by a long shot.
  10. Hockey can I join your party. I dont understand why so many cant accept this as common practice
  11. bottom-bouncer

    Where do "they" go???

    crappies are a party fish. during the day they are sleeping it off.
  12. bottom-bouncer

    Opinions PLEASE!!!

    DO NOT BUY THIS BOAT!!!! I owned a smokercraft and it rode like a brick. Also I wouldnt buy a used skateboard from these guys
  13. bottom-bouncer

    Boaters will face roadside checks for invasive species

    Im a litle late on this topic but wanted to add my .02 worth. first remember back twenty or so years ago when they used to set up random roadside checks checking for over possession of fish and illegally taken or un registered deer didnt this stop because they deemed it unconstitutional. These new checks are the same thing. as far as stopping for it all depends. I do drive a truck for a living. And I do deal with scales all the time usually you just do your best to avoid them but sometimes you cant. personally when I do come upon a scale that is open and rolling trucks across I do comply. But sometimes the troopers have there head stuffed up there keesters and they keep the sign on that tells you they are open untill they have trucks backed up onto the highway wich creates unsafe conditions. Then I do not stop and go past and tell them on the C.B sorry but you need to look out your window and see the trucks backed up onto the road you are creating unsafe conditions. I have done this a number of times and have never been bothered. For me it will be no different for these roadside checks if they provide a safe place for me to stop I will comply if not I will simlpy drive by and give them a wave. I cant imagine these random checks will last long there will be somebody who has money and dislikes are goverment enough who will intentionally get stoped with violations or will refuse to stop and will take this to the supreme court and fight it untill it is over turned.
  14. bottom-bouncer

    Hummingbird/Vexilar compatability

    I have a bird and a vex use them in the shack together all the time no problems.
  15. bottom-bouncer

    Can someone explain this for me?

    I call them horns! mostly because it bothers some people so much.