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  1. northwoodsman

    sled help

    is it an arctic cat, or what kind of sled if there's snow ask to test ride it before you buy.. see if you can talk him down on the price
  2. northwoodsman

    Doe smelled like perfume??

    maybe she was getting ready for her big date i'm just kidding i really don't know why she smelt like that
  3. northwoodsman

    Arctic Cat Problem?

    i hate dirty carbs they have sprays out there to clean them out and they do work
  4. northwoodsman

    Tick alert - Pillager Area

    i agree 100% rather be safe than sorry
  5. northwoodsman

    Late bite cats on the Red

    down here in ohio there's a lot of cats in the river or paylake which i avoid like the plague
  6. northwoodsman

    New tent?

    i went to glen's army navy in grandrapids the lady told me colombia was a good tent
  7. northwoodsman

    everyone ready

    talk to the manager,rk i'd call and complain are you guys near grandrapids?
  8. northwoodsman

    everyone ready

    del if i were you i'd cancel and go else where for a boat where you don't wait forever
  9. northwoodsman

    everyone ready

    what i meant to say for northerns sorry bout that
  10. northwoodsman

    everyone ready

    opener is around the corner, we spent all winter gearing up replacing our old lines fixing up or rods and reels, or buying new ones making sure our boats are ready and the engine tuned up chosing the right lure or lures planning on where to stay when the time comes as for me i might head out that night or wait til a week later when it quiets down
  11. northwoodsman


    thanks dew
  12. northwoodsman


    what size motor is in a 1980 ski-doo everest L/C
  13. northwoodsman

    rode the new 05 arctic cat T 660

    knots, hanson's right it handled like a dream and was a comfy ride to say the least
  14. northwoodsman

    rode the new 05 arctic cat T 660

    knots, it was quiet you'd really like it i did if i had the money i'd buy me one it's an electric start no recoil to pull
  15. northwoodsman

    rode the new 05 arctic cat T 660

    i went to pokegama lawn and sport in grandrapids yesterday, i told the guy that you could test ride the new cat he told me i had to wear a helmet i said fine. i told him i wore a large gave me an XX large **** thing was tight, he said stay in that field behind the building i said ok, man it does have the get up and go with 110 hps it rode excellent