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  1. Croix

    Tonka this morning...

    Was on a smaller metro lake on Monday and water temps were 82 and above. Took a swim and it didn't get any cooler down 10-15ft. Cooler nights over the next few days should help things out. I trailered the boat and left, too warm. I would keep things very simple in your tactics and bait selections. Also, where, at this time of year is the most oxygen likely to be? I have continued to check shallow, on the break and off the break as i go from spot to spot and is paying off...Hope this helps. I am only fishig mornings and evenings with the state of water temps, not worth risking the fishes health. I would assume that Jeff is in agreement with me on this...?
  2. Croix

    Tonka this morning...

    Yeah Jeff, please enlighten us on the magic that you seem to have going... Though I Did manage to get a chunky 41 last week up shallow on a wind blown shoreline...
  3. Croix

    What to throw early season

    Boated two fish burning showgirls with water temps 58-63, there is now wrong way to fish the spring...
  4. Croix

    South WI Opener

    Fishcast did you have any luck? We got two this weekend with a bunch of follows. Here is a 37' I got yesterday. Put on a nice show with a boatside jump!!!
  5. Croix

    South WI Opener

    Getting out Sunday!!!
  6. Croix


    Penn 975! Built like a rock, cast like a dream. I have tossed everything from DC13's to 4inch rattle baits and everything in between. Blows cowgirls out of the water with ease!
  7. Croix

    Best Musky Fishing In The North

    This would be my advice, learn Bemidji, it is really close and you can run over to it after class if even for a few hours. I attend UW-Madison and mostly fish Monona and Wingra becasue they are 5 minutes away. It makes getting on the water for 2-4 hours really easy and you have spots marked and can keep chasing a couple of big ones! My 2 cents. Or before class, I have gone out from 5am-8am and be back in time for my 8:50 or 9:55am class!!! Who can say they have caught a Musky before going to class?
  8. Croix

    Best Musky Fishing In The North

    Shouldn't you be pre-fishing?
  9. Croix

    FIG-RIG Rods?

    Agree 100%, St Croix rods all the way!
  10. Croix

    Your favorite fish to target poll.

    1. Muskies 2. Pike 3. Smallmouth 4. White Bass(spring time on surface baits) 5. Sturgeon 6. Walleye
  11. Croix

    Reel Advice

    Ball bearings and line capacity...The 300 is my favorite reel, but I wouldn't use it for DCG.
  12. Croix

    Roll Call...

    Is it possible to make a trip to Thorne Bros and not spend cash?
  13. Croix

    Reel Advice

    I have the St. Croix 300 and works great for crank baits and bulldogs but not DCG...I would look at a PENN, or Shimano for DCG reel. You will likely burn out the St. Croix reel on DCG.
  14. Croix

    Fish tacos anyone??

    Fish tacos are really good!!!