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  1. DT08

    Quick question...

    I'll throw one other option in the ring. If you or any family have the iPhone get the iBird explorer. Get it through the app store. It has pics, photos, facts, ranges and a very cool section on recordings of bird songs. Once it has been downloaded it doesn't require Internet or cell connection to be used in the field. Kids love it--they just might break the phone!
  2. DT08

    flyfishing trip advise

    That North Fork of the Shoshone trip sounds good to me! I have been to MT almost yearly to fish for the last 10. Mostly fall or winter. One trip in early July too. The most expensive part of my trips is getting there. Daily cost once there has been cheap for me. I camp whenever possible and have never had a guide. I have tried to pick rivers I can wade. I base out of Bozeman and fish the Gallatin and Madison mostly. I try to get over to Rock Creek by Missoula for at least a couple days. Spending time wading and exploring those 3 streams alone can kill a week quickly. Last year I had a chance to hike up the Yellowstone and that was fantastic. The Yellowstone is to deep to really wade fish much of it. That is what you have to know before you go is are you planning on wading or driftboat fishing or both and that can help you pick streams. No matter what you'll find some fish and it will be a great trip.
  3. DT08

    Winter trout

    I am like so haaad and flyfish mainly. But my trout fishing is almost always in IA with my dad and uncle. My uncle is a spin fisherman and early and late in each season he uses very small crappie jigs. He switches over to spinners in late spring and through summer and does well. So you might want to try small jigs retrieved slowly. And if you want to practice your flyfishing use some nymphs and you will do well. And IA streams are open (just not stocked) at this time of year and there are always holdover trout throughout the winter.
  4. I learned my lesson on Lake Superior, but it is a good reminder no matter where you paddle.