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  1. Thank you all. I will change the plugs first and make sure the gap is right. If she's still sputtering, I'll look into the coils. I'll try to remember to report back.
  2. My 1996 Johnson 90hp started hard this spring and now it doesn't idle very well. I'm looking to change spark plugs since it's been a couple years. It currently has champion plugs. I was curious it anyone has used any other than champions, and to what result. I'm open to spending a little more if there's something that will perform better.
  3. I have never used my cooktop because I have the oven. Pizzas, hot dish, baked fish, toasted sandwiches like mentioned above. If plan on spending any extended time in your house an oven is a must. I got my oven from a guy that only wanted a cook top. To each their own I guess!
  4. I've used every kind of window imaginable. I have yet to find one that doesn't freeze up somewhat. My latest house has thermal pane chrestline windows. They're better than a single pane window, but they still freeze shut. Moisture is a natural byproduct of burning lp. Add that to the moisture given off by 3-4 people in a small area, and frozen windows is what you get.
  5. The frame of your fish house is the most important part of all. Experience has told me to never skimp on the frame. I promise you will regret any frame other than one built by a reputable builder. I've had two "homemade" frames in my life and both ended up costing me more than just buying a good one to start with once I fixed all the things novice builders do not account for. That doesn't include my time fixing them and time lost fishing! You get what you pay for, especially with fish house frames!
  6. I cut the foot end off an old black tube sock. Works perfect and you probably have one in your sock drawer for free.
  7. You're killin me keltgen! You gotta get some pics on here. It's not a fish house build post without photos dude! Every time I see you've posted, I am all excited thinking you finally put some pictures on here... then I'm all disappointed.
  8. I've always wondered if a drift sock on a ski bridle behind the boat would work. Has anyone ever tried this?
  9. We went to Chaimberlain SD for my brothers stag party last April. We stayed at Allen's Hillside. They took 8 of us out in 2 boats. Brand new Lund 20 footers. All the tackle bait and old Milwaukee's best we could drink! We caught our 10 limits of 4 walleyes and and 10 limits of 5 smallmouth by noon (guides let us catch their fish). Fishing was $100 per guy for the whole day, and hotel was cheap. I think it cost me $300 for everything that weekend. Everyone had a blast and said it was the best bachelor party they'd ever been to.
  10. I will keep an eye out for that in the future BoxMn. I really do appreciate all the help from everyone on here. It seems like there is always someone on here that is willing to help a guy out.
  11. I always use 91 octane. My dad always used say to never use anything but 91 in a 2 stroke. I also put stabil in ever time I fill up as directed on the bottle. I think stump hit my problem on the head. Can't wait for spring.
  12. That really makes a lot of sense to me. I know I started cranking the motor before I pumped the ball. I did pump the ball after I cranked for a bit. That is great advise. Thank you very much!
  13. I know it may be a little early, but I'm already getting the itch for open water. I am a little nervous, however. When I put my boat away last fall it was not running the greatest. I have a sylvan boat with a 1996 Johnson 90 hp. On my last voyage for the year, it was a cold day, and she seemed like she was running a little rich, and she barely started. It's was after she sat for well over a month and a half. When it finally did start, the was a lot of smoke and it took a while to get it warmed up. I do a lot of speed trolling and I am wondering if it needs a carb clean or something. Is that hard to do? I was also planning on some new plugs this year. As i said, i am planning on plugs, and lower unit oil. I would appreciate any other tune-up advice and some ideas on the carb cleaning.
  14. I've been on some other forum sites that have archived topics too. Maybe an archive of all the build threads would be cool. I'm constantly searching for wheelhouse build threads looking at ideas I have seen in the past.. It just seems that wheel houses are so unique to our region that it would be cool to have something specific about it.
  15. So it seems like there are a ton of guys on here that are into fish houses, particularly wheeled houses. There are always awesome build threads, and advice for maintaining and upgrading peoples wheel houses I'm here. It seems to me that the is enough traffic in that specific topic that it could support its own forum. Not that it's bad the way it is, just an idea.
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