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  1. was out all day till 3pm, didnt see a dang one but little perch and one nice bass.
  2. ya i just heard about the power plant its been that way for few years i guess, well i hope this friday i get lucky ive been waiting too long for this!
  3. just wondering if anybody will be heading down there soon for some goose hunting or if you been there are there lot of geese, i know im looking forward to it pretty soon will be heading there in December.
  4. just got back from the hatchery today, there are some impressive muskies in the tanks....wow, although i was wondering why there werent many walleyes in but hey i always enjoy going in there.
  5. wow thats early i figured another week or two, i guess i'll have to make a trip this weekend!
  6. looking forward to the hatchery real soon, i hope that people post on here when or if they hear there bringing in fish!
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a couple poles fixed or new ones made for my ice houses, ones for my frabill pullover and the other is for my spear shack, sucks when everything brakes at the same time thanks.
  8. cant be cheap shells the gun was my dads so i'll never get rid of it, he replaced the barrel with what they called a steel shot barrel for the 1100 so ive shot all sorts of ammo throu that gun from light loads to heavy loads. i'll replace the o ring but my thoughts are going to that ejector if it isnt worn out....thanks for all the info
  9. i have an older remington 1100 that im having little issues with, its my pheasant hunting gun and the problem im having lately now is it wont eject the shell out and reload another into the chamber. When i shoot the first thell it sticks about 3 quarters the way out, it locks back like its empty even though when you look you can see the second shell in the magazine. so whats causeing this issue, it never did this before i could shoot shells out of it like nothing until now, any info would be helpful thanks
  10. ok well keep me informed when thats going on, i dont want to miss it like last year i was a little too late.
  11. just wondering when they will be pulling fish in?
  12. stock motor, the only thing it has is a different pipe
  13. its people like that where i would like to carry a small bat attached to the bike, and get along side of them and smash there windows in.....people threaten my life on a bike you deserve it, maybe you'll pay more attention next time. Also i think the elderly like 65 or older need to retake there driving tests...seriously
  14. Lowrider06


    having issues with my 03 predator. i went out to do some maintenance on it, and went to look at the filter and noticed it all wet again, and inside the air box was full of oil again......anybody have any suggestions as to why is the oil shooting into the airbox?, i looked at the oil and theres nothing on the dipstick so whats going on......could it be due to the filter being clogged up? i know it was dirty and wet from my last trip up north. help!
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