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  1. Recon, My wife and i are heading out there for our first time on sept 1st. I was scouting the last week in june and saw a fair # of deer and a few nice bucks. We are planning on h unting south of watford. The deer seemed to be in the broken country but the biggest buck I saw was in the prarie on a large platue. There is a lot of country to explore bring your walking boots and good binocs. Good luck!
  2. I guess I have never noticed the noise. I hear my feathers a little. I have shot 13 deer in the past two seasons with the 2 blade rages with great results. I shot a doe at a quater away the broad head went in with the blades parellel to the ground cutting through three ribs on the way in and exiting out in front of the other shoulder. Every deer went down within 75 yards including a 240lbs dress buck who made it 30 yards. I have had some bent blades but have never lost a blade or broke a blade. I guess the cons would be less penetration due to the 2" cut and the blades can pop open in the quiver. Two reasons I use Slick tricks for elk hunting.
  3. Get a 5 pin practice out till 60 yards then on Sept 18th drop the bottom three pins down out of you sight line. As a new hunter the simpler the better. More than on deer made it through a season cause of a bowhunter using the wrong pin when they got a little excited. As far as peep sight I like the bigger ones 3/8" I think. They work better in low light.
  4. I run a 14"x19p Laser on my 150 opti on a 06 tyee1850. Today I was running 48.5mph gps at 5500 rpm. That is with 1/2 tank of gas, kicker, three batts, fishing stuff and two dogs. My hole shot is fine, not great but more than enough. I know the tyee is about 500lbs heavier than the fishawk and has a much different hull. So I'm not sure how that will transfer to the fishawk. I guess I'll second Northlanders suggestion and call solderblooms. Their props are a lot less expensive than mercs and i think he will let you test and trade until you get the one you want.
  5. Stop at the ranger station in Duluth and grab a Superior Natl Forest Map. That will show you the forest property. Otherwise get a plat map from the county.
  6. camdu7

    Food Plots?

    Hey BLB I'm not on the QDMA forum, but I have read most of their articles on food plots and habitat management. Adam, how tall did your sorgum get? I was thinking of planting some for the turkeys and for bedding areas.
  7. camdu7

    Food Plots?

    As far as soil tests the U of MN extension offers them as does Biologic. I used U of MN and they were fast and inexpensive. If you have several areas I would experiment with different things like clover, brassicis, fall planted rye/oats. Keep in mind what other foods are in the area. Also if you have 200 acres you should look at getting a forest management plan done (if it is forested). They are free from the DNR. Food plats are fun, but really only just a small piece of habitat improvement. For more information call the local NRCS/FSA office, DNR, and take a look at the QDMA HSOforum. Lots of food plot info on the QDMA site. I'm not sure if the CO will be a big help and if you stick with known seed species you shouldn't have a problem with exotic species
  8. stickandstring, Do as everyone is saying and get rid of the buckthorn. Also call the local NRCS office. They may be able to help you with cost sharing and planting new cover trees and provide technical advice. We had the DNR do a forest management plan for us and the DNR and NRCS has cost shared with us to plant 5000 seedlings on our hunting property. It is a lot of work, but seeing the improvement of habitat quality from an old pasture is priceless. We did not have any buckthorn (thank god) but I have been using a similar approach on the ironwood to improve the understory on our oak ridges.
  9. Thanks BLB, My buddy is a good camera guy. I shot this guy on a different piece of property than the one two years ago. But the habitat management and passing on small bucks is working great on my piece of property. jnorm, I do remember meeting you at Sandstone. How is the wildlife biologist thing going?
  10. My last three MN bucks were 235, 225, and 240. The 240 was this year and I could not gut at the kill site because of the landowners request. I'm still sore from putting that hog in the truck. It is kinda funny when guys haven't seen a mature buck up close and how big they really have to be to weigh more than 200 dressed. If someone can post a pic for me that would be cool.
  11. For just sitting in a tree stand it is hard to beat the Ice Kings. I would stay away from cotton socks and get a thin pair of wool blend to move moisture away from your skin.
  12. I had the same experience three years ago. Only it started with her interested in just shooting with me. But, when it came time to buy the bow she did not want the target color she wanted the camo bow!!!! She has a hoyt rintec. It has been a great bow and has made two complete pass throughs on does at 45 lbs and 25" draw. Go to a good pro shop get her fitted right and shoot a few bows. In your price range you should have no problem finding a bow. What I did for my wife right off the bat was to get her some lessons with a certified coach. We used Linda Beck, and she did a great job. Trust me, get her lessons right away. It will make her a better archer and will be easier on you and her.
  13. I'll be kinda close. Absaroka Range in WY. Only three more days!!!!
  14. Not needed, unless you have way too much time and need something to do.
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