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  1. I, too, have eaten rock bass since I was a kid. I wish more people would keep them and eat them. It's frustrating when trying to walleye fish and you have to sift through all the rock bass. I guess rock bass was the main reason I got so big into fishing when I was a kid. For kids, there's nothing like catching A LOT of these things and the action can be intense. They're not finicky and they do fight pretty darn well!
  2. Shiltsy, when tearing down an Expedition, make sure both doors are open (to let air escape). Start on one of the door ends and push it in. Walk around the shelter pushing in the walls as you go. Once the walls are down, the ceiling should still be popped up. Grab the edge of the roof and push the center hub down. Push it all the way to the ground (as far as you can anyway). From there, you should be able to grab one of the corners and flip it up. You will have tangles for sure. Just untangle everything before you put it in the bag. I've set up and torn down an Expedition dozens of times and although there is tangling, this way works the best. Good luck.
  3. Gunflint-Thermal all the way if you're going to be way up north fishing for lakers. You'll like the extra little bit of room, but you're really going to like how warm it is inside of the thermal, and you will use less fuel. Also, you won't get any condensation in there. It's well worth the extra money! You won't regret it at all.
  4. The uninsulated black Ice Armor bibs are very similar to the "Blue" Ice Armor bibs. Those are uninsulated as well and are extremely warm, comfortable, and you won't get wet. For $99 the black Ice Armor bibs are a great deal.
  5. EyeGuide, I don't know where this information came from, but it's not correct information. Thermal houses do not get "too warm". If you regulate the heat, you'll be fine. Just like in any other fish house. The thermals actually save you money because you are using less fuel for heating. I've had a CO tester in many Thermal units and they do not set off the detector. Even with the vents fully closed, fully banked with snow and temps to 100 degrees inside I have yet to see anything register on the CO detector, much less set one off. The thermal fabric actually REDUCES condensation. Regular fabric turns wet with moisture and drips, thermal absolutely does not drip.
  6. Actually, the sled on the Denali II and Denali IV is a brand new sled for Clam this year. These models were developed as a perfect back-to-back set up for 2 people (really large fishing areas!) or a really nice "family of 4" shelter. For those who want or need the space, but don't want to carry extra chairs, etc. that you have to do with a pop-up, this model is perfect. The reason that there are 4 small seats in the Denali IV vs. 2 large seats in the Denali II is that 4 large seats will not fit back to back in the Denali IV so they had to go with 4 smaller seats. In my opinion, the smaller seats are pretty comfortable, and with kids along they won't be sitting long anyway. If my butt gets a little sore I'll just stand up or go outside for a little walk. Not a big deal at all.
  7. The current Voyager TCX hyfax and cover will fit older Voyagers just fine. The base remains the same in both new Voyager TCX models and older Voyager models.
  8. You like that shirt I'm wearing, Fisky? Ice real soon, my man! Going to send you an email shortly with some details so you can make some space on your calendar.
  9. Here is the reason why Clam discontinued the X2. Sales have nose-dived over the past couple of seasons. It was just too expensive to build, and the retail was expensive at $699. It is still a great shelter, but there just isn't a big enough market anymore. So, Clam took parts of the Voyager, X2, and Thermal X and combined them into one "hybrid" and came up with the Voyager TCX. It has the Voyager tub, the X2 poles, and the Thermal Cap is derived from the Thermal X. Oh, and the retail came DOWN $100 to $599. This is an awesome fish house. Check them out!
  10. Superline, braid, whatever won't let you snap the line very easily if you get super-snagged. Most of the time if you can't get free you end up cutting your braided line. I used 8lb test Power Pro line last year in Canada and had great luck with it. I didn't lose one lure due to a snag. It more than likely was more luck than anything.
  11. If indeed this fish is real, is this the best picture this guy could find to email out? If I would catch a fish that big, I would take as many photos as I had film, would have witnesses and a story, and would send out a photo that would end speculation.....I'm not buying this one.
  12. Congrats Chuck and Chuck's Dad. Now you're off the hook for not being around Friday night, Chuck. We had a blast. Couldn't get your wife to dance, though
  13. My Dad tried to do it politically correct and use a live trap. However, the first thing he caught was a skunk. That was the end of political correctness.
  14. Here's mine. 2002 Lund 1675 Pro Sport with a 115 Mercury. Love this boat.
  15. Heading up to Lac Des Mille Lacs on June 9 for a second year in a row. This is a very fun trip for my group, and we had decent success last year. Does anybody have spots/presentations they'd like to share? I will start: I had real good luck trolling silver spinners with minnows (real long, like 6 inch skinny minnows or short fat-head type, didn't matter). Regular silver Little Joe spinners outfished hammered silver. I also tried gold with some success. I did not try any cranks, nor did I try jigging. I'm a firm believer in staying with what works. For places to go, we were staying on Cushing Lake, so we stayed to the west side of the lake. One of our best spots was the west side of Maze Bay, by two big boulders right at the water next to each other. Here a 26.5 eye and a 26 eye were caught. The other real good spot was the west side of Owl Island. What was real neat is that when the bite went to nothing, we would move to a different spot. Every time we did this we caught at least one walleye.....and maybe only one, and then we'd move again and do the same thing. We also caught about one pike to every two walleyes, which was a lot of fun. Biggest pike was just over 27 1/2" Last, we ended up with 3 jumbo perch caught during our stay. It would have been fun to get into a bunch of those, but they were scattered to say the least. Zero smallies.
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