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  1. mdeiley

    Savage 99

    sportfish model 99 has no clip it is a lever action.
  2. Perchking this did not happen at Mille Lacs. I guess my main question is would I have been out of line questioning thier behavier or was the frustration level getting the best of me. Thanks again for the responses!
  3. I was out on a lake this weekend (alone) and upon arrival to the ramp I seen a boat with all the boating toys tied to the back at the small dock for the ramp. I waited about 10 minutes and people were going back and forth to the car and I just assumed they would head out soon. After a while one of the people on shore asked if I was coming in which I replied yes. His response was "we are going to be here for a while". Now what? Well I beached the boat next to the ramp tied off into the woods on shore and proceded to get my car. When I get to my car the boaters are all sitting in the parking and had started grilling! Now if this ramp had a dock large enough for more then one boat I would look the other way. But only one mooring spot the other side is the ramp. Sadly it also was very windy. Just looking to find out what others feel or think. I was frustrated due to the fact it was windy, I was alone, and there was no other places to tie off to. Was this a case of frustration or bad etiquette by other boaters. Thanks for your responses.
  4. My question is are they needed? Or is this a boat manufacturer's question?
  5. Just wondering what the differances are. Do glass boats need the bunks to prevent transportation stress cracks or do roller style work as well?
  6. mdeiley

    Christmas gifts

    I would suggest a boot dryer. Things work awesome. Also dear if you read this now you know what I really want.
  7. I did rinse them. Do the metal funnels work better? Maybe I need a slightly smaller diameter funnel. I am using sheep casing. What size funnel would you recommend?
  8. Does anyone have a secret to getting the beef stick size casings on the funnel without tearing? Is there an oil one can use or a differant funnel. Do metal funnels work better then plastic? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.
  9. Just a note to staffers. Is the contest on for this year? Will there be a seperate one for archery, firearms and muzzle? If so what does one need in photo if date is not an option?
  10. I hope to warm my hands in his belly long before it gets to cold.
  11. If you have the rifle any gunsmith can get you an after market wood or synthetic thumb hole stock. There is a fair amount of fitting needed to ensure it shoots well.
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