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  1. I bought one and was not impressed. It flat out did not work for me so I took advantage of the money back guarantee and returned it for a full refund.
  2. I hunted Northern Missouri from 11/3 through 11/13 and had similar results. I managed to kill a good buck on 11/8 that came to rattling horns but overall it was very slow. A few bucks bumping does on food in the evenings but a noticeable lack of bucks cruising again this year. This is the 3rd straight year the rut has been lackluster for me in Iowa and Northern MO. Very odd!
  3. Scoot, you are one company behind already. KS no longer works for Strother. He's on his own now with K and K Archery.
  4. I concur, Waconia has been tough. I too have fished it for over 10 years and long for the good old days, haha! My wife tells me to quit living in the past because I spend so much time reliving my Waconia success from years gone by, lol.
  5. Anyone know of an area around Waconia to put some easy driving break in miles on a new ATV? Road ditches?
  6. I've had some success in my boat this year, well, at least the people fishing with me have as I've been SKUNKED. Anyway, we've been out in the metro about 10 times for 4-5 hour vigils and have 4 in the boat, 49.5, 49.5, 41, and a little guy of 32. 2 fish on topwater and 2 on gliders. I will say that on one lake I fish we've yet to raise a fish on my go to spots and bucktails have not raised a single fish that I recall. No complaints other than the fact that I haven't caught any of the fish, HA!
  7. I'm attempting to mount my unit myself and have been blowing fuses. It powers up fine but GPS (network) connection keeps blowing fuses. I've got both wired to my starting battery. Any ideas? The directions didn't say what size wires to use but mine are thicker than the units. Any ideas? I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Thanks.
  8. I like the price, the list of lakes and 1 ft contours on some of my favorite lakes but am wondering what technology was used to get the info. Do they used the Reelbottom type technology to collect the data? Thanks
  9. Crazy Cooter, your odds are the same as a resident. I believe the application period of 2004 ended around August 18th. You can go to the MN DNR HSOforum to look up info on the hunt.
  10. My biggest largemouth was caught on a small lake in extreme Southern Iowa back in the 80's. A little over 23" and 7 lb 15 oz, which I have since rounded up to an even 8 lbs, hehe!!! Smallmouth is around 3 lbs.
  11. Anyone know when and where the results will be posted?
  12. After many years of concentrating on muskies I've been bitten by the bass bug again. How do you go about finding good beds of milfoil to fish that have adequate pockets to flip a jig into? I was on Tonka last night and looked on the map to find areas with rocks thinking there would be some pockets there but found mats of . Are these small 1 ft diameter pockets what you guys concetrate on? Any tips? How about finding hard bottom areas in deeper water outside the milfoil beds? Anything special to look for on maps before checking them out on the graph or is it just a matter of cruising
  13. Andy J, I can only speak from experience but my catch ratio and size skyrocketed and I only fish the metro waters. I flat out will not fish Bone or Deer. I know there are better waters in Wiscsonsin than these but I'll stick to MN.
  14. I have a cabin on Balsam Lake in NW Wisconsin which hosts a lot of bass touraments and according to the sign is the "Best bass lake in Wi". If it is I feel sorry for the rest of the state. 25 years ago it was great, now I struggle to catch them over 2 lbs. I'm not the greatest angler but I do well on the Metro MPLS lakes. Most of the winning bags I've seen at the weigh ins are a 2 lb average. Brutal. P.S.- I know for a fact the muskie fishing in MN crushes Wisco.
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