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  1. slimerg0d

    BASS PICTURES 2008!!!!

    Tippman, really nice fish!
  2. slimerg0d

    Fish Cleaning Table

    LOL, Too funny.
  3. slimerg0d

    BASS PICTURES 2008!!!!

    Them are some nice fish Ham!
  4. slimerg0d

    Lets see the Rigs for 2008!!

    thanks! It's my first boat! I love it!
  5. slimerg0d

    Beer+Bonfire+Friends=Life's greatest questions

    fake leech, hook and bobber
  6. slimerg0d

    Best 3 hours of fishing for me ever!!!

    when is the next one? I would love to see how you guys/gals catch all these fish. I'm trying to learn.
  7. slimerg0d

    BASS PICTURES 2008!!!!

    that is the biggest bass he has ever caught. They sure are fun. I think I was more excited then he was!
  8. slimerg0d

    BASS PICTURES 2008!!!!

  9. slimerg0d

    What would you do?

    I would call him and tell him your concerns. I would say what you expected and what your concerns are in a nice way. If I was him I would want you to be happy and maybe he did have a lot going on but if you have emails you can point out what you asked for and your concerns of how long it may take he might surprise you. Just my .02cents.
  10. slimerg0d

    Tollling motor runs extremely slow....

    I am having the same issue. I just bought the boat in March and 1st time I brought it out I thought it would go over 2 mph. Now, top speed is 1.3 - 1.5 mph. Sunday I had it and went into the weeds and it just stopped. It's a 24 volt. I seen that the breaker was tripped on one of the batteries and flipped it and it started working. The other battery was fine. Question, shouldn't it still work with one battery if that is the case? It's almost like it's just running on one or something.
  11. If you are somewhat close by I will take them. I live in Hugo and work in Saint Paul
  12. slimerg0d

    Slop Fishing

    ahhh, thanks. I actually tried getting into a weedy area on Big Marine Sunday, my trolling motor died, I think I blew the fuse on it. Is that where Jigs come in handy for the bass and also frogs?
  13. slimerg0d

    Slop Fishing

    never heard of it.
  14. slimerg0d


    so is my ex-wife! Does it shoot lasers out it's eyes?