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  1. You dont have to get hung up on a breed, 10 years ago I was lab shopping and ran across a Chesapeake Golden Retriever cross (It was an oops but both parents were good field dogs) Look at the parents and use your gut feel, I think my next dog will be a griffon but I will keep an open mind and maybe end up with another gem. Mg
  2. After walking the land, when I was chasing birds this weekend, the perfect afternoon stand location (if we have a NW wind) would have shots out to about 60-70 yards over a swamp. Mg
  3. Thanks for the replies, It just seems like $200-250 is alot of $ for a barrel if I will only be hunting in a slug zone for 1 year, but you never know it may come in handy in the future. Thanks for the info, Mg
  4. Does anyone know of a place in the west metro that would have reasonable prices on slug barrels? I would like to get one for a BPS since I will be forced to hunt closer to home then our traditional northern minnesota excursion. Should I get one made by browning or is there an aftermarket barrel that is more cost effective and has good quality control? Thanks in advance. Mg
  5. Photos are now avalible. Also Included is a BRW quick release hitch. This is the type that pins to mounting plates in you pickup bed. Any questions please contact me at the above listed information.
  6. 1984 20 ft Komfort Craft 5th wheel trailer-this is a Komfort Light (less weight for towing) $5000.00 or BO This Trailer is ready to go, it was out for opening weekend. It is a 20 ft 5th wheel that is set up to legally pull a boat. I pull a 17 ft crestliner behind it and have had no problems. (sleeps 2 adults and 2 children) Features Hitch and trailer harness AC Queen size sleeping area The table folds into an additional bed 3 way fridge (110V, propane or 12 Volt) new tires 2 furnaces (1 electric , 1 propane) 3 burner stove with oven 3/4 bathroom (shower) new 40 lb propane tank This trailer works well for deer hunting. I will be getting it ready for sale this weekend and will have pictures avalible at that time. It is located in Chanhassen, MN I can be reached at [email protected] or (952) 470-5227 during the day (952) 470-4316 (evening) ------------------ [This message has been edited by crestliner17 (edited 06-10-2003).]
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