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  1. My 13 year old daughter 2 shots 2 deer last one at 225 yards with a 308 not bad shooting for her. Lots of deer in our area as usual
  2. Is this a 2004 card and Cabelas has a newer one for 65 in bargain cave so i offer you 40 bucks let me know and i will send a check. thanks
  3. I have a brush cutter we bought from Fleet Farm works great uo 2" trees
  4. crop


    Cabelas has the black and white one on sale in catalouge for 129
  5. Hey do you have the CD, i have a 168 sounder and i think that will work i would be willing to buy it from you for 50 bucks. Let me know 763-213-5376 thanks
  6. Hey i thought you were going to meet me to sell it too me if you sold it at lease you could do is return my phone call. SUPER BUNK
  7. Where are you located and maybe you could meet me some place and wondering if it comes with a transducer Call me at 763-213-5376 and leave a message i dont have wheels but if you could meet some wher i will take it thanks
  8. It was great hunting as usualy on our land up north 14 deer for 9 guys with 4 big bucks. Cant wait till next week end the big boys were just getting going and we will really nail them. I love to kill deer
  9. Purchase your own ad crop. It clearly says on top of this thread: WARNING -DO NOT Pick Apart Anyones Ad or place your ad in someone elses ad. You are banned until you pay for the ad.
  10. Hi i live in rockford too and am looking for a portable do you have any pics and could i look at it where do you live. Let me know
  11. How much you looking for and what price
  12. We have 165 acres in baudette and all we use is clover and the deer love it. We rough the soil up and put the clover down in the spring and it will usually last for about 3 to 5 yrs. The key to attracting the deer is to mow the fields in July and then at the end of August. It then becomes a deer magnet Good luck
  13. who is the manufactureof the fram what size tires and u say u have the floor down do u have the holes cut in the floor. Let me know i am interested
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