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  1. I took a couple of my groomsmen to a Busch race in Nashville last weekend. I'm far from being a great photographer and still use film. If you are unfamiliar with film look it up, it should be somewhere between the 8-track and Beta. Here are some shots if you are interested. Opening ceremonies: The start of the race. There was a spin out at the end of the first lap, but I wasn't ready with the camera. Here is a spinout series Regrouped for a restart And one last shot showing the contrast in travel speeds
  2. Do any of you have, or know where I could get a copy of the Pepsi 300 from Saturday?
  3. Just to add a little something to this one. I always use cracker meal with a little garlic salt and onion powder in a big plastic bag. Sometimes I toss in some pepper flakes, the kind you put on pizza. Cut the fish into fingers and dunk it in the milk/egg wash then throw in the bag and shake it up. Like most of you, I like peanut oil for frying, but I only put a shallow layer in the pan then toss in half a stick of butter. Hey, you can't live forever. This gives it a tasty outside without overpowering the fish, like some of the beer batters can do.
  4. Thanks for the bread recipe. I made it this morning. It's pretty dang good. I put some sesame seeds on top of it before throwing it in the oven.
  5. Have any of you ever done anything with Star Magnolias? I've seen them at a couple different shops and they seem to be a decent size. I need to replace my front two trees, got a little close with the whacker.
  6. The elephant is pretty funny, but Find X is the best and technically correct. I teach software to adults and it's a dump shoot from day to day on what you will run into. Thanks for the humor.
  7. This is a great story, just an average guy on a little pond. Here is a link to the story: Missouri angler’s black crappie lands in record books
  8. Great Job! I can never see things that way, I am always amazed at the shots I see here.
  9. Thanks Caesar. That was pretty exciting for me. We saw a couple others in the swamp, but the pics didn't turn out as well.
  10. Speaking of mechanics - what size engine do you think that little Toyota has? It must be pretty good sized to carry that boat and push that big camper.
  11. They ARE pics of question marks. It's the dangest thing, everywhere we looked there were question marks. I switched pic hosts. Hopefully that will make the pictures show.
  12. Let's try this again. I am using a different image host. I am new to taking photos and am definately not a bird expert. I will figure out what exact species these birds are and post them later. For now I will call them by their not-so-scientific names such as - white bird, black bird, etc. The first one I am sure you all have seen. It is the well known flying rat. Here is a good hawk shot. I need to work on shutter speeds and things like that because the face is a little dark. Here is a cool reflection shot. Once again, I need to practice more, the bird is a little too blurry. Here is a black bird sitting on a board. (how's that for poetry) And finally - the bravest bird I have ever seen. What you can't see in the photo is that a matter of feet away is an alligator in the cabbage. Still a neat photo anyway. Thanks for looking. I put some other photos in the photo sharing group if you are interested.
  13. Let's try this one more time and see if the photos show. I am far from being a professional photographer, in fact, this is the first camera I have owned that cost more than $20. But, I have it now and you are stuck looking at the results. Hope you don't mind. This is probably my favorite/most unusual fish I have ever seen caught. I can't even begin to explain the cool color of blue in it's eyes. We tried to show the color in the picture but completely missed. Here is a shot of some small crabs that were almost everywhere I looked. No one else could see them so I took a picture to prove that I wasn't seeing things. Their bodies were about the size of my thumbnail. Same thing with this lizard. My wife couldn't see it so I took a picture to prove it. This lizard we could see with no problem, but I took a picture anyway. One last shot of a sunset on Captiva Island. Thanks for looking. I am going to put some bird pics in the bird group.
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