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  1. Trollin226

    Window weather strip

    The crank out windows on my house have a Plastic T channel weather strip on the bottom that slids into a channel on the sahs. The windows are vintage 1990 norco and I am having a heck of a time finding replacement stripping. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Selling a 1997 chevy silverado ext cab 1500. I bought this truck 10 years ago with 45,000 miles on it with 217,00 now it still looks good and runs great!!! Just put on $700 worth of new tires before christmas. Black in color, 3rd door, block heater, Z71, 5.7l v8, tow package, bed liner, running boards, and power everything. asking 3500. email with any questions [email protected]
  3. Trollin226

    2009 Suzuki 50HP 4 Stroke

    westrush is the motor giving you any allarms or just shutting off? If it is simply shutting off it might me a problem with the emergency shut down switch. The only other thing I can think of and it happened to me on my suzuki DF70 while running accross the lake. As it turns out someone (me) forgot to pump the bulb to prime the fuel system. With the water seperator some dealers put on new boats they take more gas to prime.
  4. Trollin226


    Another vote for rei. I have 4 and have no complaints with them.
  5. Trollin226

    Would Like to Say Thanks...

    It sucks to hear that so many people have been hit at the launch. Thankfully I have never been on either end of a situation like that. I was thinking the other day is it just me or are many parking lots super tight as far as width of the space and ammount of room you have to turn in before hitting the curb or trees. When I have someone parked next to me I am constantly watching my trailer when I pull out of the spot. I find I have such limited room to pull straight out of a spot before having to turn my trailer has very little room to clear near by vehicles.
  6. Trollin226

    Epoxy Ramps

    A.W. What i like to do is use plumbers putty to shape and form my ramp it gives a smooth apearance and is esailly fromed by hand. Once it drys I'll wrap my line on it and clear coat. For you I would recomend using a good ncp thread....
  7. Trollin226

    License ?

    thanks for the response I wasn't sure if they could just fish with our second lines sence one person can have 2 in the winter...
  8. Trollin226

    License ?

    I have some friends comming into town from out of state this weekend and was thinking about taking them out Ice fishing. I was wondering if they need to buy temp licneses for the weekend or they could fish with out second lines.
  9. Trollin226

    Gas Filling Question

    The same thing happens to my with my 06 dominator. with a 20 gallon tank I put in 10 gallons every time it gets a little below half full. That way I also know exactly how much stable to put in. I never get quite a full tank and end up makeing a few extra trips to the gas station. To me it is worth the extra time than to have a fountain of gass and a possible fire.
  10. Trollin226

    Fuel/water separator filters

    When I baught my boat the dealer I went through puts these in all boats they sell as standard equipment. Talking with them I was toled that sence they have started doing this service calls have went down over 60%. I get the filter changed every fall when it is winterised and have never had an problem.
  11. Trollin226

    Shrink wrap?

    Storing my boat outside this winter and am thinking about having it wrapped. I have never done this before was wondering what people thought. Also if anyone could recomend a good place to have this done at. I live in burnsville and would be willing to drive for quality service at a good price.
  12. Trollin226

    What kind of rods?

    I pretty much build on Rainshadow blanks. IMO by far the best bang for your buck. Stop in at Midwest rod and reel and talk to AL. Let him know what you are looking for and he'll do a great job showing you different options.
  13. Trollin226

    On board battery charger!

    Second that!!! I have run a dual pro for a few years now and will never look back
  14. Trollin226

    Blinker Fluid???

    Working at a shop in high school had a customer come in with a no start on a ford truck 5.0 engine. Ended up being a blown head gasket he did not want to pay the money for a new one and asked if we had a book he could barrow to show him to replace it. On his way out I told him his johnson rod was starting to go bad he responded "i know I have a new one in the garage gonna fix it this weekend"