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  1. Thanks for all the input on this subject. I decided not to hunt this river,for the simple fact that it would be like shooting deer in my back yard,easy pickins.I am more of a meat hunter then a trophy hunter,but a nice buck is a bonus,and there is a dandy buck that travels this river often.I still feel that a person should not feel unethical about hunting this property,as most state land has private property surrounding it,and you take the same risks when you hunt these spots. From my past hunting experience,most land owners will not let you on their property,if there is surrounding state land.
  2. One of the top rules in my "personal code of ethics",is shoot to kill! I try keeping all of my shots to 50 yds or less. And have been successful with this rule. As for the saftey factor with, hunting the ice,there are a couple of small islands where the river splits,this would be my prefered sitting/standing location. Deer sometimes cross this island and also 0-500 yds either direction up or down river, from this spot. If i could possibly be in the right place at the right time,I shouldn't have to worry about any tresspassing. Shots would be taken with the animal on the river or on this high ground in the middle of the river. As long as this area is open to public hunting, I feel there is no reason for the surrounding property owners to be involved, unless the misfortune of a wounded animal arises. THANKS!
  3. I see the river as a piece of state land, like any other state land,is open to public hunting! There are hundreds of other hunters that hunt state land and wound deer and dont feel bad or worry about tracking them on to surrounding land? I guess i'm not seeing what the difference is here? Is the river not state land?
  4. BOGSUCKER, People hunt ducks and geese from the river! Do you see a problem with that also? Is this an ethical hunting practice?
  5. Our river is wide here,100yds in spots,and there is spots you can shoot 500+ straight away. I"m using a muzzleloader,and able to shoot flat at 100yds. Any input is appreciated!
  6. I feel safe on the river as it was -18 this morning. The deer cross back and forth all over this river. We can fish on these rivers can't we hunt on them?
  7. What are the laws for deer hunting on a frozen river,with private property on each side?
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