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  1. Bill-E-Bazz

    Turtle lake bass

    I have not been there in a couple of years, just because of the average size. They did seem small back then. Also too many waterskiers and pleasure boats for that size of lake. Great lake if there are only a few people on it.
  2. Bill-E-Bazz

    anybody have a maxxum trolling motor?

    I've got a maxxum 65 that works great. I have no problems with it. It does last a long time on a single charge as I forgot to charge the batteries a couple times last. Great trolling motor! Good Fishin'...
  3. Bill-E-Bazz

    Post Cali thoughts...

    Not as exciting as Daytona but was alright at best until some A-hole decided to clip my cable and steal my splitter with about 12 laps left when my boy Jeff was in the top 5. I come back in and find out he is going to the garage with 2 laps left. What a bummer. I Know it's early but Jimmie is going to have another great year. Go #24 Good Fishin'...
  4. Bill-E-Bazz

    Pioneer Press reports Moss is traded

    I have split feelings on the trade. On one side you get rid of the attitude and all the antics, and on the other they just got rid of the best reciever in the NFL and for what? The Vikes got ripped off, But thank god for Daunte the true mvp of the team. Alot of people think we need a new reciever now. Why? Look at what the team did without Randy when he was hurt. Poor Randy I think his career will go down the drain now. Who the heck is the QB over there. I hope he proves me wrong. Good Fishin'...
  5. Bill-E-Bazz

    The biggest whiner wins again

    Looks like it's going to be another year of Hendricks domination. What a great race. I have to say that Jeff is definatly in the top 3 all-time drivers. Sounds like all the Gordon haters probably are yankee fans. Go #24 Good Fishin'...
  6. Bill-E-Bazz

    Fun little game

    953.6 A little gruesome, but entertaining. Good Fishin'...
  7. Bill-E-Bazz

    Fun little game

    301 longest 57 shortest 5 minutes of playing. This game could get very addicting!!! Happy holidays to everyone!!!! Good Fishin'...
  8. Bill-E-Bazz

    How did you find FM???

    thanks to good ol' Ebass for telling me about this site a few years ago. Thanks Ebass Good Fishin'...
  9. Bill-E-Bazz

    If you could own your own team, but....

    I would have to say: 1.Jeff gordon 2.Jimmy Johnson 3.Kasey Kahne(he has a very bright future ahead of him)
  10. Bill-E-Bazz

    Vikings 2004 Season Record?

    Big bottom packer are you really a football fan or are you another one of those wisconites that has no clue that there are 16 games in a reg. season. My prediction is 11-5 with playoffs and lose in the NFC title game like they always do. I am too used to a dissapointing ending and am always expecting it. Just like the twins(they need one more pitcher). Good Fishin'...
  11. Bill-E-Bazz

    Britstol! Who is it gonna be?

    I will have to go with my boy Jeff Gordon because he is so good at those short tracks. And then it could be Dale Jr. and I hate to say it Tony Stewart might even have a chance. Good Fishin'...
  12. Bill-E-Bazz

    Thinngs are looking interesting...

    Kasey Khane is looking like he might do it. It's too tight right now to even guess. Good Fishin'...
  13. Bill-E-Bazz

    We should start the Fishing Olympics!

    Number 3 seems to be the best event so far!! If there was a fishing olympics I would watch them especially the long distance musky lure event on the same day as waterski/jetski it would be like a clay pigeon event. Good Fishin'...
  14. Bill-E-Bazz

    Fall pattern in August...what gives?

    Yesterday I was out and managed to boat a few bass. Most of the bass were on the docks, had one out a little deeper but missed it. You would think that they were out a little deeper with everybody working the outside weed edge. So I started on the docks as I always do, and like always They produced. Ebass you need to get to this lake with me sometime and help me find the bigger ones dangit!!!
  15. Bill-E-Bazz


    Great race, bad result. I wonder if stewart ran the race with a load in his pants. Gordon stills finishes even without brakes and a bad engine. I am starting to like road courses more and more, lots of action. Go Dupont Good Fishin'...