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  1. I just set mine on the carrying case,it's pretty stif so no problem holding the monitor.Jack
  2. Yea Tony let me know.I'am always looking for places to fish here in NW Iowa. I live in Kingsley,just moved here from Sioux City
  3. I use one. They are pretty neat.Seen things that amase you. What part of northwest Iowa are you in? I live in Kingsley,just moved here from Sioux City. If your close let me know for I'am always looking for someone to fish with,Ice & open water both.
  4. Lilbro: Thats a ice rod holder. Got one best thing next to the auger
  5. ethan77 I have a 87 Smoker Craft 16ft 35hp Merc elec start 87 roller trailer. Might be intrested in a trade if Val don't want to. email me at jmcclureatmctnetdotnet Not trying to out do Val. Only if he is not intrested. Thanks Jack
  6. mrkastni I'am going to be down to Snyders this week end.I'll be camping with the wife & grandaughter.I'll have a maron & gray Smoker Craft boat if I'am on the water or will have an Excel camper5th wheel if not on the water. Stop by & say hi if you have time. Good Luck & catch the big one for the little guy. Jack
  7. How did you do at Clear? Going over there the frist week in Aug.any info please Thank You Jack
  8. Can anyone tell me how the walleye bit is the frist part of August.Also Silver Lake at Lake Park. Got a week to fish & would like to get into some eyes. Thanks Jack
  9. Dave I would like to try these out but don't know how to get a hold of you. Tried all the high lights on your posts. Thank You Jack
  10. CamperJack

    Float tubing

    Cyberfish Try using vinal patching they use on tents & water beds. I'am sure that will work. Good Luck Jack
  11. Hey High-Ball do like I do, Just shake your head & ignore them. That realy ticks them off & then they just write to them selfs.Pretty soon they give up. Remember(C.P.R.) Jack
  12. Mike I live in sioux city & havn't heard of anything going on at either one yet this year. But I'am like you it's about time. I may go to Snyders Sunday if it aint snowing. Good Luck let us know how you do!!!
  13. Browns Lake & Snyders Bend are both good Bass lakes here in western Iowa. Caught nice Bass in both lakes that time of the year. Good Luck Jack remmber (C.P.R.) catch,photo relise
  14. What part of Northwest Iowa? Lots of good lakes & Rivers & Ponds
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