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  1. Well.....Here I am getting nervous again. Luci's first time on live bird and live shooting since spring. Hopefully she will do a decent job and not make me look like an *****! She is now 11 months old, her birthday is the week of the pheasant opener. I think i'll take her out for her birthday....what a great excuse to go hunting...."but its luci's birthday"
  2. mdeiley: I hunt the Nevis area, we have a cabin in Nevis. What area do you hunt?
  3. Dump Caldwell?? Don't do that. Driver = 88 yds on the season Caldwell = 132 yds, 2 TD's Hmmm, Caldwell is the go to guy in the air for SD, Driver is not the guy in GB. [This message has been edited by Mayfly (edited 09-24-2004).]
  4. Out of nowhere I have returned............. Spinach, sorry! I'll get a check in the mail tomorrow AM. See you all Oct 2nd.
  5. I'll be in my grandmas backyard.....her power line is usually full!!
  6. Wow that is tough. I love mornings. I love evenings, things just keep getting better. I don't think anything can beat that first hour of light.
  7. I'm not sure if one is smarter than the other....I do know that does are more predictable. Bucks are more independent. Thats what makes them more difficult. Deer are just frustrating! I saw one 4 pt last year almost every evening I hunted do the same exact thing!! Could of shot him multiple times, only becasue each time he milled around my stand for about 20 minutes! Deer....it comes down to they have minds of their own!
  8. This can be difficult. In my area it is always different from year to year. Some years the evenings are better and some the mornings are better. We've been getting better on their patterns though. It's become obvious that once the evening and night approach the deer in the area head towards the fields. If we put our stands close to the fields the chances are we will see less activity in the evening becasue the deer move very slowly to the fields. What we did is just move our stands closer to where we believe them to be bedding. We started seeing deer through the woods coming toward the fields but by the time we saw them it was almost dark and they weren't even close to in range. We just started inching farther and farther away from the fields and activity has risen. In the mornings the main fields in our area are littered with deer before sunrise. I hunt about 100 yds into the woods and if i'm lucky enough to be on the trail they depart the field on I will see deer. When I first started bowhunting in my area I used to get as close to the field edges as possible. That wasn't working either way. So I moved into the woods. It always seems as soon as its too dark to shoot they always appear out of nowhere.... I've also noticed that its easy to pattern the does...You'll usually find them right on the trails. Its that **** 8 point buck that always appears in my corner of the field that slips by me somehow. Hard to predict.
  9. I gotta know the story behind that fish......and is it a paddlefish? At first sight it kinda looked like a Marlin.
  10. I'm heated.......I had to drop out to make room for my annual league! I then saw your post: apparently figuired he wouldn't measure up. I think you should consider yourselves lucky that I had to leave....Now at least you may have a chance to win. I recently made a new account with Yahoo and tried to rejoin..Luckily for you all it was FULL!!!!! Would have loved to play with you guys.
  11. So for the last fifty years there hasn't been a good perch hatch?????
  12. Lets get this back to the top...... Spinach, How are we looking? Are we going to get enough people?
  13. Thanks for the replies and especially the encouraging words. All my friends think i'm an ***** but I am going forward. I'm not exactly sure of the name of the company. There is a couple names on the paperwork and I won't know everything until Monday. I'll let you know. Thanks again! Anyone else with any info feel free to chime in.
  14. So I think i'm leaving town. I got a line on a job in Alaska working on a large trawler processing fish. The hours are long and the work is boring, but after my 90 day contract is up i'll be coming home with 10K. The job is processing the days catch below deck. I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone that has done this or maybe has done it themselves. It's not working at a cannery on shore and I won't be working on the deck of any of these ships. Its for one of the largest corporations in the North Pacific and they claim to have the largest and safest ships out there. Any info is appreciated......I'm signing the contract in less than a week! Thanks!!
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