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  1. Just wanted to post results...Went down and fished Sat. from about 11:00 til 6:00 Three of us boated around 50-60 walleyes..avg length was 17-18 in..caught very few smaller than that..We anchored by trees and pitched jigs and slip bobbered..1/16 white jig worked the best...5-8 ft of water was all we fished.. My question is will the fish be bunched up and shallow next weekend??? If anyone has that answer please post..thx
  2. 32 deg..any color preference? I am heading out tomorrow to finally get the boat in the water..Can't wait to set the hook on my first eye of the year!!
  3. Has anyone been out fishing the red??? If so wondering if you are having any luck...thx
  4. Fished Sak. Friday from 10-4 caught 1 3lb walleye and a 2lb sauger..from 4-7 fished the river...not a single bite..
  5. Early spring the shallower the better...Pitching cranks from the boat to shore works great..for Trolling try running the baits on the top of weeds, just outside the weedline, tops of points. Make sure to be using mono instead of fireline. I have found this works better in shallow water. I use Husky jerks sz 8 & 10, Rogues, Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows, Thundersticks, jointed floating rapalas(very overlooked bait) and floating rapalas. These baits will run between 3-8ft deep. If fishing during a front try the Husky Jerks and occasionlly stop the boat and let the bait suspend. Good luck!!!
  6. First off I have way too many rods but here goes.. 2ea 8'6 Bass pro Trolling rods w/leadcore(line counters) 2ea 7'6 Cabalas Trolling rods w/10lb firelein(line count 2ea 6'6 Med action Gander Series w/symetre (8lb transition) * these rods are used for jigging/rigging 1ea 6'6 berkeley pro series baitcaster prodigy reel * 20lb power pro bottom bouncer 1ea 6'6 med light Gander(symetre 1500)6lb transiton Lindy rigging/jigging 1ea 5'6 med light (stradic 1000) 4lb,6lb mono Vertical jigging small jigs(1/16 or 1/8) jigs Unfortunately this does not include my bass rods...My wife keeps asking me why I need so many rods..I keep telling her I don't have enough ..
  7. For minnow s for me it's Red Tailed Chubs followed by shiners and fatheads...I usually try all three and see which one they like..Chubs are my go to when Lindy riggin..
  8. Hi, I have the next two weekends open to fish. My brother an I have been down the last two years and have had a blast. My questions would be go this weekend? or Next. Just wondering if the fish have turned on yet? Or wait another week and we should be good..thx
  9. Yeti, it depends how deep you plann on trolling and what kind of cranks you will be trolling with?? For shallow trolling mono is the line of choice 1-15 feet. For 15-30 Ft I would suggest Fireline 10lb, with Fireline use a 8ft 14lb Flourcarbon leader. Tie these lines together using a #18 swivel, it is small enough to fit through the guides and the reel. Leadcore is a very good to have. If you are fishing stick baits(husky jerks,rougues,thundersticks) early and late in the season leadcore works great to get these baits deeper. Your other option is snap weights you can use on both Mono and Fireline that will also accomplish this. What also is great about lead core it will rise and fall depending on the speed you are moving. If you speed up the bait will rise, slow down it will run lower, it helps if your contour trolling to keep the bait from haning up on the bottom. For rods and reels Bass Pro has great combos and so does Cabaelas. I own both and have a preference for the Bass Pro 8'6 in which is a great rod for trolling and also if you want to add planer boards. Like I said it all depends on the depth, type of cranks your using and how versatile you want to be. Good Luck!!
  10. This is great line. People that are having problems with it breaking are not wetting the line before cinching the note. This is way more abrasion resisitant than mono. It also allows you to use heavier pd line because the fish are not able to see it. I tie spinners with 12 or 14lb and very rarely will get bite off by northerns because of this. With lindys it is a heavier line and does sink so I don't use it for this application. The other way it works great is as a leader for my cranks. I usually tie on a 8-16 ft leader on my fireline or my lead core. Again very tough to bite through and invisible in water. The line that is colored on the reel but invisible under water is called Transition. I just spooled my jigging rod and my lindy rod with it yesterday. More sensitive than mono and when tossing jigs a high visible line will help pick up a few fish you might have missed. FYI A lot of pro Walleye fisherman are using Flourocarbon for the reasons I mentioned above. Remember to wet the line before tighting the note and your problems will Vanish.
  11. It's easier to use plastics, Live bait doesn't last long using this technique..
  12. Good product, and you can switch the weight quickly which is also a plus. I have found them at Fleet Farm.. Good luck
  13. J-Hawk, I just purchased a bunch of the YO-ZURI for 4.99 at sportsmen warehouse. Cabealas had them for 6.95 So I bought a few of them to try. They look great, I just wasn't going to pay 7.00 for them..Any colors you like?? I purchased the Clown/perch/red head/ silver and black colors...
  14. I would go with off-shore planer boards and for rod and reel I would go with Bass Pro Shop 8-6 rod with line counter reels. Also Cabelas has good combo rod/reels for this application. I personally own both and like the Bass Pro instead. the combo price I believe is $89.00 Good Luck!!
  15. Pixels and Power are your two main things to look at. the 104c would be the unit I would go with if you have the cash. A color unit with great power and a high pixel count. PS- I own a color and a standard model and the color is easier to read period. Also it is a more expensive unit.
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