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  1. You wouldn't happen to be close to a town called Morson would you?
  2. Been out to Sitka twice in the last four years and Love the place ( so much so that I got married there). First time out we stayed at Dove Island. Great guides, great food, okay owners. The one thing they offered was fly-in trips for steelhead and salmon. My wife loved that part. Got a steelhead in the high 30in. range! Did not stay there last summer as prices are steep and instead opted to stay in town at a BnB. We booked a trip with Action Alaska Charters. It's run by Captain Cody. Great guy and kept us on fish. I have booked with him more than once. We also booked a stream trip for dolly's. We took a boat from the harbor to a stream and got the waders out. Great time with great scenery. That was through Classiccastingak. Tad was our guide and extremely nice and helpfull. Can't wait to go back, just got to finish off the last 50lbs. of fish.
  3. Wanna be a Helper. Just post the lake and I am sure I can you started.
  4. Why is the shadow of the fin on the back wall? That seems to be a long way back. And there is no shadow on the floor.
  5. Try Mylies Place out of Morson Ontario. Right on Lake of the Woods. Very affordable and great people. Good fishing very close to the resort and easy to get to.
  6. I like this. Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Kansas Missouri South Carolina North Carolina Alaska Texas Hawaii Canada Germany Spain
  7. I spent a good chunk of my teen years in Leavenworth, just North of KC. I did a lot of catin on the Missouri. Look for the exposed wing dams that go the farthest out into the river. Google Earth would be a quick way to find them. If there is a creek that flows in by the wing dam even better. For flats and blues I liked creek chubs(have to catch your own), but cut bait and worms work alright for channels in the slack water(flats move in there at night). Using worms will catch you all kinds of things just like any other river system, so if you just want cats leave them at home. It might be different now but if you want to fish with anything bigger than a minnow you might have to it catch yourself. If you fish the current be prepared to lose a lot of gear. Heavy sinkers(8oz. or bigger) help, but you will eventually end up in the rocks and have to wait fo a fish to pick it up. I always loved fishing the MO. Hope to get back there one day. Huge cats and you can have a whole strecth of river to yourself most days!
  8. I peronally own both the Fl-18 and the LX-5. I use the 18 ninety percent of the time and only pull out the LX-5 for particular applications. I just like the way the 18 reads better. I do have a buddy that I fish with who has the Lowrance ice unit, but will ask to use my LX-5 everytime were fishing together and he leaves his lowrance at home. The lowrance seems to have a lot of interference issues when we fish in a house together.
  9. I was just reading in the DNR regs. that if an ice house is left out after the removal date that it can be confiscated. What do they do with these houses and where can I buy one?
  10. That's the worst friggin news I have received in a long time. That stores has been there since I was born and the Gills have been one been a part of my Canadian experience on LOW for just as long. This Blows!!!
  11. Seems that this resort is fairly new. I'll give a report on the fishing and the resort when we return.
  12. I will up there next June, and was wondering if anyone has stayed there? If so, how was the lodge and how was the fishing?
  13. If I am ever close enough to someone that they can here me, I let them know that this is a very small lake and that fishing really close to each other is the best way to catch fish on LOW. I then let them know that they have done a really good job researching the lake maps, just to find the one reef out of thirty thousand that I happen to be on.
  14. It's nice to see a running topic for this area. I knew I wasn't the only one fishing around here. I will be leaving tomorrow for the cabin and wil be more than happy to post some results.
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