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  1. Try Steve's counter tops out by SummerLand on Hwy 23. All they do counter tops and probably hook you up with some trim.
  2. A HUGE THANK YOU to Valv for the advice. I was able to remove the black strip, tighten screwss and replace a few stripped out ones. Thanks for helping out!!!
  3. I have a 2006 1700 Lund Fisherman with a loose windshield. It looks like Lund screwed the frame down to the gunwhales, so I would have to disassemble the windhsiled frame to access the screws? Retighten and re-assemble? Is the windshild frame simple to break down? I am pretty handy, but I definatly dont want to tear into something way over my head. Anyone have experiance in repairing theese.
  4. It's that time of year to renew the boat policy, and I'm looking to save a buck or two. Anyone have any suggestions on low cost Boat Insurance along with reliable claims service? I'm not looking to make a claim but it's been to my experiance that just when you think you'll never make a claim that's about the time you will. I've heard the Boat US place (not sure if I can say the name) is cheap, anyone have any claim experiance with them? Any other company info would be appreciated, Thanks in advance!
  5. What is there a name of the Maynards light? Did you find it in the Lighting section??
  6. Does anyone have a picture or a link for theese? What is the name or manufacturer? St. Cloud store did not have anything like this at all. Thanks in Advance.
  7. I have the same truck and pull a 25' Travel Trailer with it. My camper is rated at 4700 pounds dry, so with the truck loaded, wife and 2 kids, camper full of gear I'm still under my manufacturer tow rating, but not by much. I also use a heavy duty Equlizer hitch. That being said I would not feel comfortable leaving the state. We stick to about a 3 hour max drive from the St. Cloud area, and it pulls OK around here. I would definetly check your tow rating and wiegh your truck. You'll get a much better idea of how much it will handle, then go lower than your rating. I guess it depends on were you plan on traveling. Around central Minnesota pulling a 6000 lbs rig could be done according to the manufacturer and the "salesman", but it would be a struggle,safety and wear and tear being the issue. Outstate pulling I would shoot for a camper at about 3500 lbs or less. IMHO, I would not go any heavier than 5000 lbs, it would be pulling too hard.
  8. I am a reguler reader of this HSOforum, but I don't often read the Automotive section. Recently I had problems with my 2003 Silverado starting hard and running rough. I seached the Auto section and found a few posts of people having the same issue, Fuel Pressure Regulator. To make a long story short I changed out my Regulator, saved a few bucks and my truck is running great!! A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE AUTOMOTIVE MODERATORS, for running a great section and helping out fellow FMers!!! P.S.What a great site, I learn something new all the time! Where else can you learn more about Bow Hunting, Auto Repair, Washing Machines, Campers, almost anything??
  9. As a boat owner the worst part is it really starts to limit your choices of quality repair shops, and being able to comparison shop dealer to dealer. The current Lund dealer in St. Cloud has also been strugling, I was told a few weeks ago the couldn't justify having a mechanic on site with the lack of business. Sounds like another one may be closing soon??
  10. Great describtion Valv!! It works just like an old motorcycle gas tank, with a pick up on the side and one on the bottom. FYI, I also own a 2006 1700 Fisherman, I have tried to run it dry on the main line and have not been able to. My gas gauge needle was well below the Empty "E" mark and still going. I never got low enough to have to switch over to the Reserve setting. I was on a big lake so I finally gave up and just filled the tank. It's amazing how much fuel is in the bottom of that tank!!! The dealer told me you would have plenty of fuel left on the reserve setting to make it back to the dock, but I'm not brave enough to try it. Have any of you guys actually ran out on the main setting???
  11. JHOL brings up an interesting point many people don't consider. I believe bigger is always better, espiacially with fuel milage. How about this scenerio: The four stroke 115 will probably be running at WOT alot more than the 150 DFI. You say speed isn't a huge priority, but with the 115 taking longer to plane out means more time at WOT. The 150 DFI with "jump" out of the hole better, making it much easier to throttle down to a cruising speed. At 4000rpm's the 150 DFI will always get better fuel milage than the 115 four stroke at WOT. I belive this is something people don't consider enough when looking at underpowering a larger boat. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Gander Mtn.... We don't have em yet Scheels.... On backorder Fleet Farm... Back order since May 6th Sportsmans Warehouse....A What Hook??? So I just placed an order with Cabelas, they say I'll get them next week. After checking the Mustad web site they sure seem larger and thicker than a #2 Aberdeen??? Anyone actually use these yet???
  13. Anyone know were I can buy these hooks?? I live in the St. Cloud are and everyone says "there on back order". Anyone actually try these yet???
  14. I should have metioned I own an 06 150 that I bought new last year, so I'm one year into a 5 year warraty. I have run it pretty soft since it was new, so it hasn't had alot of abuse. (I like to cruise around with the kids at about 30mph, and I can get that doing about 4000 rpms, and it sure saves on the gas!!) walligator, imho I will be having the samething done, but I'm waiting for the dealer diagnosis. Did you have yours done at a local dealer?? Thanks!!
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