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  1. AngelicFatum

    Turkey choke recommendation

    I picked up an HS choke and plan on patterning it as soon as the rain lets up.
  2. AngelicFatum

    Patterning that Turkey gun.

    Wow, lots of good info there. Thanks
  3. AngelicFatum

    Turkey choke recommendation

    I think all I have are mod and ic , so a turkey specific choke is prolly in my future. Thanks
  4. AngelicFatum

    Turkey choke recommendation

    Never hunted turkeys, and lookin for advice on chokes for a benelli SBE I. Anybody have any suggestions?
  5. AngelicFatum

    valentines dinner??

    I made my lady a pretty sweet dinner for early V day last week(I'm gonna be out of town on the 14th). I did venison backstrap(you could do beef), and king crab, with green beans and quinoa. I rubbed the steak with olive oil, salt and pepper and seared it. Then I finished it in the oven. I made a beur rouge sauce (butter red) by sauteing garlic, shallots, peppercorns, and [PoorWordUsage]takes in a little olive oil. Once the shallots and shrooms were mostly cooked I added about 3/4 of a bottle of red wine. I cooked in down until it started to thicken and then added some butter. Then I spooned it over the sliced steak. This sauce is simply awesome with any red meat. You could mix in the fish, maybe broiled walleye for a little surf and turf. If you want more details let me know.
  6. You might want to look into Best king Kong LED strips, I haven't used them, but apparently they work very well and run for a long time on a vex type battery. I have a "puck" LED light in my otter and it works pretty well for a spot light for a hole or for tying knots. Check this thread out it's for portables, but it might give you an idea Ideas for lighting a portable
  7. AngelicFatum

    Thistle Eaters

    I like the last one of the siskin with wings in motion. Very nice.
  8. AngelicFatum

    lets see your ice rides

    Haha, that "custom" rack looks a lot like a milk crate. I have a nearly indentical set up.
  9. AngelicFatum

    Help with Tiger Muskey ice fishing

    This is a basic tip up, I generally use dacron braided line and then some heavy mono for a leader. For pike or musky you'll need a wire leader, you can buy "quick strike rigs" which are a leader with treble hooks for hooking large live or dead baits. If you have more q's just ask. And yes battling a 30 lb 'sky would be a bit of a challenge bare handed, I guess I would wear some gloves. Good Luck and let us know how you do.
  10. AngelicFatum

    MN ELK

    I took this from the DNR HSOforum: "In Minnesota, elk hunts are considered once in a lifetime, which means parties that choose to purchase their license, will not be eligible to apply for future elk hunts." Elk Hunt Info
  11. Where does it say that? Please share, because it's not in the waterfowl regs.
  12. AngelicFatum

    Puppy walking right behind you

    Usually this is solved by one or two stiff kicks in the chest/chin, however if she is small she might not be able to get through the thick stuff yet, I'd give her some time before working in the field with her. If you let it go now she'll always want to do it. Good luck.
  13. AngelicFatum

    little duck id help

    I agree with both above, prolly a common merganser - they are pretty good size, and have a lot of white.
  14. AngelicFatum

    Blaze camo for bowhunting?

    Thanks for the input, men.
  15. Jordyn: Game Dog by Richard A. Wolters great book and it is very easy to understand. It teaches everything from water to fields and of course obedience. There is also a dvd of the same name that is useful along side the book. Good Luck, and have fun, training a pup is extremely rewarding Zeek: My pup isn't the steadiest dog in the world, but she is getting better. I agree that the dog rushing in the water could spook other birds, as I have seen it happen, good luck!