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  1. If you don't mind me ask, how much did the conversion cost? Looks sweet
  2. I love that salad, I'd like to know how to make it.
  3. tex22

    New tip-up!

    Yes they are called Automatic fisherman. They were invented by a couple of younger guys just out of Green Bay. And it is based on a down rigger type system(that's where the idea came from). So I don't know why they would be illegal. All it is is a down rigger for ice fishing. On the HSOforum they are $50 with the rod and reel. But you can just buy the base and use your own rod and reel. Just the base is $20 at GM and I picked up an Ugly stck combo for another $20 to go with it. I went Ugly stick because alot of the salmon captains use them on their down riggers. But I will be using mine this weekend, so I'll let ya know if I get in trouble for it.
  4. Does anyone know if there are pics of the deer or not? I want to see what a 9 year old albino looks like. Also anyone know why they are protected? Is the albino in the genetics? Or is it just a freak of nature?
  5. When I am rifle hunting, and it's not a buck I would consider mounting I also shoot for the neck. I use a .243 so it does not have the knock down power of some deer rifles. But one well placed shot your promised one kill with no tracking. On the other hand if I am slug hunting or I'm about to pull the trigger on a wall hanger, I'll shoot for the heart.
  6. Extreme You have to post about your trip to Milk River when you get back. After watching the Realtree crew go there every year and have such good success it on my list of places to go.
  7. tex22

    Early Doe season

    I think the one thing that would be nice is for the kids sake. Where we hunt the deer are way to thick, but I would never take a kid to our deer camp. There is too much "what happens hunting stays hunting" going on. It's not that bad but with the foul mouths and the booze it's just not a place for a kid. But this early season seems like a good chance to get the young ones hunting early.
  8. tex22


    I tell myself I am not going to read these kind of post every time I read one. But always end up doing it anyways. Now I sit here with my hound sitting directly below me knowing that someday I will lose him too. You form bonds with your dogs that are like no others. Thanks for sharing your story and Indy will live on in your memories forever.
  9. This is not what your dog is going through, but I have a bloodhound and when he is cold his teeth chatter just like a person. Kinda funny too see
  10. You are the bravest man I know. Or the dumbest
  11. That is a great story, thanks for sharing. Anyone in the market for a new boat should talk to these guys.
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