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  1. GBPackerNut

    Musky guide - Musky season

    I suppose it depends on where in Minnesota you are going to be. If you are in the DL Area I would recommend Jerry from Headshaker Guide Service. I dont know any of the guides outside of the DL area.
  2. GBPackerNut

    Ever wish You COuld Ice Fish in the Summer!?

    Never seen anything like that before, how strange and yet cool.
  3. GBPackerNut

    Whats Hot or Not at the Ice Show?

    I picked up a new Hummingbird ICE-55 from Reeds. Talked to Brian Brosdahl for a moment, tons of ice houses there... overall there were a ton of people there.
  4. I have 3 Ruger 10/22's. They're cheap, accurate and work well. And yes 22 ammo is considerably cheaper for generic plinking.
  5. you will lose some velocity, for two reasons, 1 your barrel is 2" shorter, 2 because it is a gas operated semi auto. If you are concerned about ballistics I would venture towards the A-Bolt or X-Bolt chambered in the 300WSM if you're looking for 30caliber action.
  6. GBPackerNut

    Best grains out of .308?

    One is a Savage model 10 Law Enforcement it has a 1 in 10 twist. I think the model is 10FP-LE2. The other is a Remington 700 with an aftermarket barrel, it twists 1 in 12 or 13 (I would have to run a rod down it to make sure) and really loves the 155 lapua bullets. The higher twist rate will stabilize a heavier bullet. When reloaded you need to experiment some, my savage barrel likes the bullets seated deeper, and tends to like heavier rounds. But a good all around is 168 grains, it tends to do very well in both. Now for hunting don't worry, going from 155 to 168 on my rem, is only a difference maybe 1/2" at 100 yards. so if I'm off by 1" at 200 yards doesn't really matter. The only time I get picky is when going out for some serious distance. Going back to your original question, the 308 is plenty capable of dropping game quickly. Mostly a matter of shot placement, and keeping the heart rate down, you would be amazed how many people get too excited and poorly place a shot, or even better yet completely miss the shot. enjoy the rifle, 308 has to be probably the most versatile round I can think of. The great thing is down the road if you get sick of it you could always rebarrel the action for 243Win, 260Rem, 7mm-08, and countless other wildcats based on the 308 cartridge.
  7. GBPackerNut

    Best grains out of .308?

    Another thing no one mentioned I saw is what is your barrels twist rate? My 308 with a 1:10 twist likes bullets in the 168-180 grain weight, but does not like lighter bullets. But my 308 with a 1:13 twist likes the 155 grains best. this affects accuracy more than anything, if you are shooting 100 yards average it wont matter as much to you, biggest thing is make sure you are using game rounds not target rounds. I like the Barnes X bullets for dropping animals, where I like speer and hornadys for loading target rounds.
  8. GBPackerNut

    Best gun for Yotes

    Back south I used a 30-30 lever action with open sights. To shoot up close less than 100 yards at night I like open sights, can pull up and fire in low light quickly.
  9. Is this only open to MN / SD residents? If North Dakota resident possesses the appropriate licenses can they participate? I know a few guys up here in the Fargo area that may be interested.
  10. GBPackerNut

    ways to get unstuck!

    Am I the only one that saw that and laughed a little?
  11. GBPackerNut

    ways to get unstuck!

    I dont get stuck, I get inconveniently delayed... Used to have a winch that could mount front or rear, that along with a good grain shovel, and an ice bar. I could usually figure out a way to get out of where I was at. Having a good shovel and some common sense goes a long way.
  12. GBPackerNut

    Garmin 60csx handheld GPS Question???

    Leave WAAS enabled no reason to ever turn it off really, I have 2 of the 60CSx's and they are some of the most accurate GPS's I have ever used. And yes almost all of the basemaps that come preloaded are way off in the lakes area. I have the Garmin TOPO maps loaded on the mini SD card, and they are very accurate, big difference. I would assume the Lakemaster maps are probably dead on accurate (well within a 5 meter radius) in fact the rigs they use to map these lakes are pretty impressive if you get to see one on the water
  13. GBPackerNut

    How do you stop the spin?

    To stop the spins, I usually drink a bit less... Oh thats the room spinning. You know, when I used a really small ultra light reel on my one rod this summer, I had a terrible time with line twisting, but when I switched to a larger reel that had a larger diameter spool, the twisting problem was greatly reduced. dont know, but it might be worth a shot... Im sure someone around here has probably encountered it before.
  14. GBPackerNut


    EU2000i Honda all the way, or a Yamaha would be good also. the 2000 isnt any louder than the 1000 really, just deeper tone. also the 2000 on eco-throttle uses less fuel per hour than a 1000 that is ramping up to match the load all the time, much less irritating also.
  15. GBPackerNut

    Generators in the cold

    I used Honda EU2000i and EU3000 generators in -30 weather before without any major issues, it wasnt on snow, or for an Ice shack. Both generators were on a piece of plywood, just outside of the communications shed, as long as I kept fuel in them, no problems. I run synthetic oil in the generators we use, and change every 48 to 96 hours of run time, depending on situation. Never had a EU fail on me yet, with literally thousands of hours across about 6 different generators. The thing with them, is I broke each engine in with a specific routine before putting into service. first 2 hours: 15min run at eco, 30 min off, repeat, change oil hours 2-4: 2 hours straight, eco, change oil hours 4-12: 8 hours straight, eco-off(full throttle) change oil hours 12-20: 8 hours straight, eco-off(full throttle) change oil hours 20+: any duration, any setting, change oil every 48 to 96 hours One important note, is do NOT break a generator in with no load, if you need to plug a 500w halogen floodlight in and let it load the circuitry. Also do NOT break a generator in with synthetic oil, use the conventional oil recommended by manufacturer. After 20 hours or so, it is safe to switch to synthetic. During your first two oil changes you will notice alot of metallics in the dirty oil, dont worry, it's fine. Also the "low oil alert" is a little more finicky with synthetic oil, and sometimes in the extreme cold you may need to warm the generator before starting if the oil alert gives you trouble. I have 1 out of 4 EU2000i's that is weird like that.