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  1. Where are you guys fishing this Thursday? (8-10-2006)
  2. See above posts. We are again looking for 30, 12-16 year olds that have an interest in waterfowl hunting to get involved in this program. Dates will be, classroom on 9-5 and 9-7. Day at the range on 9-9. Classroom on 9-12 and 9-14 and the hunt will be on 9-16 or 9-23. Call Terry S. at 952-858-0705 to register. I would also answer any questions one might have. Goldy
  3. Goldy

    Livewell net

    A couple questions. Should a guy buy one for both live wells. The smaller rear live well would be easy to measure and it would be easy to remove it. How easy/good does the caddy work in the front big live well of an Alumacraft tourny pro 170? Thanks for any input Goldy
  4. Valv, Would you have a SS prop to fit my 100hp Yamaha 4-stroke? no sure of the diam. its up north, but I need a 17 pitch. I hit a rock and I put the spare (19) on until I get 17 fixed. Goldy
  5. Goldy

    Aruba Fishing.

    Help needed. My wife won (earned) a sales promo for 5-16 until 5-21 for a trip to Aruba. Does anyone have any info on fishing there. Thanks Goldy
  6. Rip some Lip, Did you go out and buy one already? If not I have a 24x36x24 crate you could have if you want to pick it up. Goldy
  7. Tom or anyone, I'm unable to fish all four dates this year so my partner is going to fish with a co-worker. So here is my question. If the field doesn't fill up and I'm lucky enough to get in to fish either Big Stone, Woman or both is there any rule about being my Partners Substitute if needed? Will you update the MWT HSOforum when dates are full? Thanks for your time. I will have my entry form filled out for the mail on April 18th. Thanks Goldy
  8. Goldy

    ANY ICE?????

    Hockey Guy, I will see you guys tonight at 1045pm. How has the turn out been the last few saturdays? I was going to play at 10:15 at Eagan for open hockey but I have heard that they have had problems getting goalies to show. Skated twice with you guys last year.( Waste Management guy who came with Jeremy.) Goldy
  9. Goldy


    Bexter, Did your vet run tests to see what she is allergic to? (grass, dust, by-product in some types of dog foods).I have a golden that is seven years old that would itch her ears until they bleed and chew on her feet non stop when she was one. The vet ran a test for 80 different things and she had a positive result for 42 of them. We changed her food from Iams to a vet only Purina HA. Yes the food is expensive, around forty dollars for eighteen pounds but you don't have any by-products so the pick-up is the size of a poodle. The vet also gave a perscription for Benadryl that I only have to give her when she eats raw hides or too much human food. I would suggest keep talking to your vet to find the right solution. I could only imagine what it feels like to have poison Ivy all the time. Hope things get better. Goldy
  10. Goldy

    Wild Flag

    I'm looking for a Wild flag for the Boss at work. He is a wild nut and has a pole in his front yard so we figured this would be a good gift. Problem is I was appointed to purchase this and I have had no sucess locating anyone that sells them. Can anyone help me? Thanks Goldy
  11. Tripleplay, I also had a golden that had the same problem. Whenever she was on a runner or cripple the legs would start to get crazy, the head would cock off to one side and down she would go. Like you said the first time it happens the mile carry out of the field and the 80 miles per hour drive to the vet you never want to have happen again. After that I always stopped in the morning for coffee and donuts. She liked glazed. I carried a tube of Nutrical and a tuperware container of Karo syrup. I would give her a shot every time we stopped. She would come back and look at me to say its time. I think this helped but she was eight or nine when it came on so she also was slowing down a bit. She hunted until 13 and only had them that first year. I would give it a try because this is what your buddy loves to do. Start out slow and short, watch her and have something with you to get that level back up if it happens again. Go luck and good hunting Goldy
  12. Goldy


    You might have noticed the Black infinite with the two Goldens with the lic. BURN-UM in front of you coming south? (my wife sells PL candles) thats how I explain "her" personelized plates. It sure is weird leaving the PU at home to save gas and pull up to the game farm and see the looks you get. Thanks for all you good tips over the years. I will wave next time. Goldy
  13. Goldy


    Labs4me I was coming home from the cabin Sunday night around 6:30pm coming into Brainerd and I figured you would be the one in the Ford PU with the personelized lic. plates. How do you like that topper and how much do they run?
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