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  1. shale

    Trout Tutorial

    I'd get 20-30 feet upstream from the hole and drift a weightless crawler into the head and through the hole. Gradually feeding line as the current takes it down and through the hole.
  2. Note from admin., Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  3. That is the smoothie. http://www.limitcreek.com/SpinningRod-Smoothie69.html It's a great all around rod.
  4. Fried Bologna Sandwich ========================= Ate quite a few of these late night while in college. http://americanfood.about.com/od/hamburgersandsandwiches/r/Fried-Bologna-Sandwich-Recipe.htm There are several recipes out there but go with the mayo ones. Mid-lake's porridge would have been a great side dish. Fats and oils food group at it's best. Tip my hat to Porridge after the QE3 and commodities ramp up.
  5. Did B. Knight throw any gear around?
  6. deerminator, You got it right. We need to establish a work ethic back into our US "General Population" before it's too late. Maybe pizza is a starting point.
  7. Used to frequent the 7th street entry back in the early 90's. Cows always put on a good show.
  8. The Loomis SJR722-IMX is the Ak-47 of jigging rods. It's a standard issue 6' fast action rod with a great backbone. I've used it for 1/8th oz and up. It will run you over $200. The Limit Creek LCS66MF is a fairly comparable 6'6" rod and less than $100 (great value for the price). http://www.limitcreek.com/page2/page2.html. You’re splitting hairs with these higher end rods. The gear is a minor part of the equation - the major part is spending the time to dial it in.
  9. I used to hang out with the daughter of the 3rd Mate when I was in college. She kept it the Fitz stuff very private. Kinda added to the mystery. That lake spooks me.
  10. Sounds like you went to the school of hard knocks. Businesses are in the same boat nowadays. The homeowner thought through the options and picked the one that saved or made him money and left emotions out.
  11. If you end up with a fillet too big to fry it can be butterflied - just like shrimp. Separate the belly meat from the backstrap and butterfly the backstrap. If you need to butterly the belly, the fish should be at the taxidermist.
  12. Ebass, I second your credit to Gregg Nelson. He's grown the Minnesota Marital Arts Academy into a powerhouse. Three UFC champions and counting. I worked out there in the late 90's and always remember him saying "the strength is in the pack, not the individual wolf". It's clear the pack has taught him submission defense.
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