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  1. Hey everyone. My girlfriend and i are planning a trip to the north shore and I am wondering if you have any recommendations on a Bed And Breakfast or any small quaint resort that gives good relaxation. Thank you for any responses. We are going mid may
  2. chillincarp870

    T I P?

    i called in once, it was the last day of the huntable duck season on my lake due to thick ice coming, some guys that i'm not very fond of were well behind the refuge signs, i got on the phone immediately and contacted the local CO, unfortunately he was in a court case that day and couldn't make it on the lake. I've watched these guys closely every year to make sure that they arn't breaking the law, that is one thing i don't have patience for. would have loved to see them get their gear confiscated.
  3. hey guys i have a 1996 ford ranger 3.0 rwd, the running lights in the rear are not working, yes i have checked all the fuses and relays, and bulbs none are the problem. Any information would be greatly appreciated im at a stand still
  4. chillincarp870

    The year in review

    I'd say this was the best year i can remember, mainly hunt swan, 4-5 days a week on average, early season was a lot of fun with good numbers of teal woodies. Late season brought some good diver shoots, and we got more mallards this year than i can remeber. We had 3 days straight with 2 man limits in my boat. Think i limited around 13 times this season. WE also hi the migration perfect in ND where we shot 4 man limits 2 out of 4 hunts. Got in on the geese in ND early season taking advantage of the 15 goose limit. All in all it is a good year when you can hunt til close. A lot of memories made and already planning for next year
  5. chillincarp870

    I really need help

    hey guys got a 96 ranger, working on replacing the leaf spring back right, can't get the dang tire off the axle. Give me some pointers. I already tried beating the s*** out of it, hand tightening the bolts taking it around the block slamming on the brakes, still can't get it loose. any help is greatly appreciated on this side. If you got a truck for sale let me know
  6. hey guys i have a lot of duck this year and have always just grilled with bacon and bbq sauce, but am wondering what everyone else does with the breast meat. Lets hear some recipes, any...thinking about chili this weekend.
  7. chillincarp870

    Is Swan Lake Motorable?

    there is a launch on the north side off cty rd 4(gravel) and one on the south side off hwy14. I tend to stick to nicollet or south bay
  8. chillincarp870

    Is Swan Lake Motorable?

    don't listen to all the hype about mud motors, i hunt swan about 5 days a week, with a 25 short shaft, and have had very few problems this year. The south part of South bay is chuck full of weeds which makes for a slow go, but other than that i'll blow by any surface drive. shoot em up, gettin should be gettin good
  9. Dan, i brought them to Schmidts due to hunting swan all the time, and i'm doing hot sticks and some burger, thought i'd try what goose and pork ground together tastes like, can't be the worst thing i've ever eaten.
  10. hey guys we just got back from a no dak early goose season hunt and we ended with 50 geese we are planning on making sticks out of them at Schmidts meat market in Nicollet Mn. Any suggestions would be great if you have had them before. Thanks for the info
  11. chillincarp870

    Wedding reception places??

    eyes the info would be great. WE do have a big group, as of now we have a list of around 300, but I'm sure it will be closer to 250 and booze will be a must which might be a problem at a bible camp. Thank you for the help eyes
  12. Hey everyone, I am recently engaged and we are planning on actually getting married on the boat I work on in AK this summer, but we are planning a small renewal of the vows next spring and having the reception. We are looking for a fairly inexpesive and fairly casual, wouldn't even turn down outdoors. We are willing to take a look at any ideas that anyone has. Thank you so much for any information that can be provided.
  13. chillincarp870

    1996 Ford Ranger Tranny??

    Is there anyway to figure out if this is the definite problem? Would it come up under the check engine light code? I wouldn't know if this turned the light on cause its been on for years. Any guess on what the price would be at a shop? i looked it up and don't have the tools that are necessary to do the job correctly.
  14. chillincarp870

    1996 Ford Ranger Tranny??

    what does that take to fix? any idea on what the price would be? or is it a do it yourself? Thanks for the input.
  15. chillincarp870

    1996 Ford Ranger Tranny??

    I have recently done a tranny filter change, the level is good. There was afew metal shavings, not large by any means in pan magnet, but everything else seems good, no burnt smells.