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  1. Go to your local LP supply company and get a millivolt t-stat.. thats what we use when we install garage furnaces..
  2. THANKS sounds like a good idea, as I do have around 200 retaining wall blocks I need to use up, and free access to manure, I also really like the idea of the spreadsheet!
  3. No it is not working at this time,, Im thinking it is the switch.. just glad we are not taking my truck fishing this weekend.
  4. Service 4wd light is on, no lights on the selector buttons. The fuse in the truck is good.. Is there any easy fixes?
  5. Thanks guys,, your right it is an Amana, Amana Distinctive..
  6. Ok I opened it up and here is what I found. The last time I had trouble witht the washer it was not turning heavy loads. I took the spring in this pic and moved it to the right out of the hole and just clipped it on the edge of the bracket. Doing that fixed the problem temporarly..
  7. Its only been broke for a week,, going to dig into it today,, and I have way more than a weeks worth of drawers.. more like a month,,
  8. I have one of these on all of the ice rods I use, and one on one of my loaners.. They simply rule
  9. Sorry, have not been able to get my tool bag out of the truck.. it is around 40lbs and I am on crutches. I will have a friend carry it downstairs tonight and I can work on it tomorrow. Thanks for the advice so far I will try and post pics of what I find!!
  10. turn the temperature up on the gas valve, should be a dial, turn it a little bit twards hotter, or whichever saying it uses
  11. I am looking to plant peppers and tomatoes this year to make a ton of salsa. I would like to make a couple different batches, what do you reccomend doing to stagger the times to be picked? Oh I guess this means I will be tilling up my yard again,, planted the garden with grass a few years ago when I first moved in... It will also be a new garden and my first time gardening.. any and all tips and help is greatly welcomed!
  12. I will have to bring my tool bag in tomarrow and check things out. Actually I suppose I should be bringing it in every night in this cold weather with all the meters in there..
  13. The motor is runnin it just cannot seem to get going. When I first noticed it it would just take it a bit to get going, not spinning at all now..
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