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  1. 2thepoint-It looks like you have a fish on! Nice looking dogs everyone.
  2. 4wandering-Where will you be in Kansas City? There are some great places around town. The Platte River around Platte City has some great cat fishing spots and if you want to fish the Missouri there is a good spot near Independence.
  3. I have a Vizsla/Lab mix and took him on his first canoe trip last year at about 3 months old. He loved it and wore out rather quickly. He ended up sleeping at my feet for most of the day. We had a a couple of people in our party that didn't like the idea of bringing him but they ended up playing with him the most. I will suggest bringing a life jacket for him though. At 3 months old I wouldn't count on him being able to swim really well. Enjoy it...it is a great time to socialize your puppy and get him/her used to the car and canoe.
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