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  1. BassThumb

    DT10 Question

    Thanks, now it all makes sense lol.
  2. BassThumb

    DT10 Question

    Sorry for the newb question, but is DT short for something? I'd like to look into these a little more, but never really know what you fellas are talking about
  3. BassThumb

    Spinnerbait question

    I've had zero luck as well this year on spinnerbaits. Not a single bass and I throw one on each lake here and there as well. I did catch a walleye on one, but thats it for the year. Most of my action has come from tubes/senkos. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits have not produced much for me.
  4. BassThumb

    Boat Traffic

    This was the case for me a couple nights ago. Fished a lake i've never been on before. I too like to run around and fish where nobody is, but then again, i was catching much. So I migrated toward an older couple of guys anchored down next to a channel and BAM, started hammering the bass. Of course, I kept my distance from them and gave them a show I guess too. They were sitting on a crappie hole, so I now know where that is too
  5. BassThumb

    listening to the radio?

    I thought of this too the other night. When I fish by myself, I love to listen to the radio. So I was thinking, maybe this is why I'm not catching much....of course I was looking for every excuse in the book :0 I'd say it might affect them, but i am not sure.
  6. BassThumb

    MPG towing?

    03 Dodge ram hemi 5.7 pulling a 03 stratos 185 w/150hp yamaha, get about 10mpg 70-75mph. I dont drive very nice, could be better but the hemi's sucks down the gas no matter what I do. Anyone with the same truck pulling about the same weight doing better?
  7. BassThumb

    Dock talk!

    The fishing gets better and better each year because we get better each year as well Thanks to forums like this, it does make life easier and faster to learn from the pros and such. This is my fishing home for a long time to come
  8. BassThumb

    Bass patterns?

    Thanks for all the input guys. At least I know im not entirely alone. I did fair well tonight, boated about 15-20, but again the biggest being about 15in. Heck, even caught a 15 in walleye in 3 fow on a black spinner, crazy. That'd be crazy if they didnt spawn this year...
  9. BassThumb

    Bass patterns?

    I'm still learning all about bass, but this year has me all confused with the way the weather has been and how cold the water is. I'm just curious to what bass do once they spawn? Do they crawl back into the deep, if so what depth on average? I have been fishing shallow water, 3-4ft and have not found any larger fish. Maybe I missed it, but have the bass even started spawning? I'm just flustered and kinda want to know the general path bass take each year/summer. Kinda curious when to fish what depths and what lure to be tossing at what times... I hear people tossing frogs when I thought later summer was the time for that... I'd appreciate any insight you might have for a newer bass addict
  10. BassThumb

    a basic list of plastics

    Well, I ditched the split rings as they did not work well at all. I did pick up a 25pk of rubber o-rings from cabelas this weekend and i'm a happy camper now Also using gamakatsu finnesse wide gap 3/0, and 2/0 weedless fwg, great setup so far. Fishnhuntnboy, I also bought a tool @ cabelas that you can use to put the o-rings on the senkos without ruining the o-ring. Slickest setup and its so easy to use. I believe it was called the "Wacky Tool", or just ask anyone that works there, they'll know what you're talking about.
  11. BassThumb

    Do you like your co-pilot?

    So this can be added to any trolling motor? I have a minkota 24v??
  12. BassThumb

    Do you like your co-pilot?

    Is this something that can be added? Sorry, no clue to what co-pilot is...
  13. BassThumb

    a basic list of plastics

    Didnt get out today. Those darn sporting clays need blastin all day instead I'll update how they work later this week.
  14. BassThumb

    a basic list of plastics

    I just bought some split rings, size 7 at Dick's. They fit just right on the senko's. These are metal, not rubber. Not sure how they work, will find out later today.
  15. BassThumb

    a basic list of plastics

    SledNeck, You seem to have mastered the senko's. I recently started using them and have yet to catch a bass If you dont mind, whats your setup? Rod, line, hook size etc.. Maybe i'm going at it the wrong way.