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  1. bemidjibasser

    Rigging paddle tail swimbaits

    I throw them most often on an Owner bullet head jig, especially early when cover isn't really thick. Even after thew weeds do thicken up I still prefer to throw them on a jig head, I just use a bullet head weedless jig like a regular weedless jig with at least a 5/0 hook. A dab of super glue is a great addition to keep them from sliding down on the jig head or screw lock hook if you go that route. I have also done fairly well rigging them on a 5/0 EWG hook weightless...swim them over really thick rice/pads and drop them into holes and hang on...
  2. bemidjibasser

    Fall tactics

    I would go with big baits, like musky sized baits. You might not catch a lot of fish, but they will be nice ones!
  3. bemidjibasser

    Jig rod advice needed

    The Rage is built on the Avid blank, that's a great deal for that rod! I use an 8' heavy fast LT for most of my jig fishing. I also use an 8' mh fast salt water Avid. I like the extra length for hook sets on longer casts and leverage in cover.
  4. bemidjibasser

    real reel advice

    You may want to look on the bay that starts with e... you can find some good deals on reels there often. Also to buy/sell page on muskies first is a good resource. A calcutta b is a very decent reel. $200 for a used one might be a little much unless it's basically brand new. You should be able to get one for around $140 or so in good shape. If you are looking to spend around $200 you might want to go to the Musky Expo on the 10-12th of April, I picked up a Daiwa Lexa 400 for $200 new last year, I imagine you would be able to get the same deal this year...
  5. bemidjibasser

    lexa 400

    I have the 6.3 and liked it a lot as well. It's not nearly as tough as either of Tranx, but a good all purpose reel for topwater, small blades, crankbaits, and rubber. I think I will get another this year in the 5.4 ratio to use for slower topwaters like hawg wobblers and creepers... A good friend of mine got the high speed one and loves it for jerkbaits, walk the dog topwaters, and rubber. Hope this helps.
  6. bemidjibasser

    Track ID?

    that would be a back foot print of a p-pine...
  7. bemidjibasser

    harbor inn resort

    For those interested... sitting in choppers bar in waconia, I happened to hear the owner of harbor inn resort on mille lacs talking about killing muskies and shoving them under the ice... Less than impressive from a business owner in my opinion. Almost as impressive as the stringer shot of smallies from pinehurst...
  8. Any reports from the Napolean area? I'll be headed out there next week...
  9. Maybe a sheet of foam secured to the bottom like said above, then fill with expanding foam?
  10. bemidjibasser

    Need some help!!!!

    Smallmouth insiders .com Brownbass.com Smallies are us
  11. bemidjibasser

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    That's a sweet tiger!
  12. bemidjibasser

    Need a new duck call

    A Straight Meat by Tim grounds and an old Haydels double reed hang on my lanyard and both get used frequently depending on the conditions and how the ducks are acting.
  13. bemidjibasser


    I caught a few largemouth yesterday on a big tooth clack bait... It's a huge, by bass standards, buzzbait where the blade actually hits the head and makes a crazy racket. I had an 8" mogambo grub on as a trailer. I also got a few on a top raider...