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  1. I believe in glow jigs especially in stained water and at night. I have found that a camera flash is way more powerful and quicker than holding it up to a light. Some of you may use this already. *DISCLAIMER - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK* ****BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE ELECTRONICS, CAPACITOR or BATTERY/WIRES, THEY CAN SHOCK YOU**** It very easy if you are careful. Take one of those disposable cameras with flash of course and remove the back. You can do this after you're done taking pictures or just buy one and remove the film. Find the location of the small gear that resets the flash. It should be in the middle top area. Its not the gear wheel used to take pictures. Cut or melt that area on the back cover that you removed where that gear location would be and replace the back cover. It will snap on back on. The gear should be exposed. Rotate the gear, push the pic button and wah lah a big flash and a charged glow jig. I recharge the glow jig almost everytime I bring it up. NOTE: BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE ELECTRONICS, CAPACITOR or BATTERY/WIRES, THEY CAN SHOCK YOU. Once the back cover is snapped back on, nothing is exposed.
  2. As long as you have a cot off the ice and -40 degree bag or more, you will be fine. I have slept in a 8X8 canvas portable with NO heat. We had to turn them off when we went to sleep and I didn't get cold at all. (That was about 15 years ago before the good heaters came out and we used sunflowers)
  3. I would go with electronics. Although they have been around 60+ years, I think electronics tied in with GPS is the biggest evolution in fishing.
  4. Check amazon, there are a lot of good reviews.
  5. fly

    Fish House Heaters

    Thanks!!! I will start looking for one.
  6. fly

    Fish House Heaters

    $$$$$$$ The kid plays 3 sports and he loves to duck hunt more than anything. Last summer he played on two baseball teams, throw in a few fishing trips and than football starts in the middle of August. He will help build the skid house this year and he will be back for the wheel house build in the summer in a few years down the road.
  7. Just curious if your friend is an aircraft mechanic and does that work? I always thought people just blocked it up a couple inches.
  8. fly

    Fish House Heaters

    Here is the heater I am interested in. The seller says it is a vented heater. Does anybody know the brand?
  9. I am finally going to build a 5X8 skid house after using portables all these years. This house should weigh 600lbs when complete and fit in my utility trailer and be somewhat mobile. I am looking for a small vented heater for this house at a reasonable price. One that is not too large and does not take up a lot of space. Does anybody know where I can find one? I have a picture of a house for sale on gregory's list with a vented heater, but the guy never returned my email on what brand it is. I can post a picture of it later to see if anybody knows what brand it is. After my son is gone off to college, I am going to build a wheel house in a couple years. I used the search button above and got a lot of good ideas. Thanks to all who posted their builds and ideas. fly
  10. bump - going up to our cabin on Vermillion(Cook end) on Wednesday if anybody wants to look at it. I will pickup my messages. [This message has been edited by fly (edited 06-22-2004).]
  11. 96' Lund Pro Angler 1700 with 96' 50 horse Mariner 4 stroke. Lowrance X85, Hummingbird flasher, Autopilot on the bow, 42lb transom Minnkota, wave wackers, AM/FM radio with CD, Live well, 2 rod lockers. Custom console for electronics. Shorelander trailer and canvas Lund travel cover. 3 batteries. Fwd onboard charger. $6,500 Optional equipment: Brand new 24v Minnkota Vector 3X 74lb transom trolling motor along with another battery and aft dual bank onboard charger. Add $500 Boat is sold, Thanks Rick... [This message has been edited by fly (edited 06-30-2004).] [This message has been edited by fly (edited 06-30-2004).]
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