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  1. Whelen35

    Little brook trout

    Nice fish!! Iwish I could catch brookies that big!!!
  2. Hunt along the red river and you will see lots of deer.
  3. Ah speed... we get the itch with guns, and now with bows. I would take a "slow" bow that is quiet over a fast bow that makes more noise anyday. With the speed a bow is capable of producing, mark out your area with some kind of system and just go hunting. 20fps is not going to make a differance.
  4. Neck shot=bad. Heart lung=much better. Go for the percentage shot. Weather bow or gun, the lung/heart area is the best area to shoot at. I have neverlost a deer to date, and prefer to take a shure thing rather than risk a bad shot and a slow death to any animal.
  5. I have a S&W 629, and two Ruger super blackhawks. For me, the Ruger's are what I like to hunt with. They can take heavy loads all day long, and will handle heavy bullets with no problems at all. The S&W is a great gun, but after shooting up a blue S&W29 by a steady diet of heavy loads, I use heavy loads spairingly in the 629, and shoot mainly 900-1000fps loads with 240gr bullets for plinking and hunting backup.
  6. UBB87-ML-541224-ML- Post has been moved to the Fly Fishing forum.
  7. Bismoth is the only way to go with older shotguns. It can be fired in any shotgun that is safe to fire lead in. Bismoth is also slightly heaver than lead, so it will hit very well and hard. I only wish it was cheaper.
  8. I have a tika in 25-06 the lite modle, and like it very much. I still think the rem 673 in 350 rem mag would be better. More smash, and 300yd range if 225gr bullets are used. The short mags just don't impress me that much. They only offer slightly less power in a slightly lighter pachage. Any accuracy advantage from the shorter stiffer action is not going to be noticed in the hunting field if there is any. The advantage of the standard lenght action 300's and 270's and 7mm is that for now they are found most every place that hunting is found. The short mags may not be found every place you look right now. This may change, but not right now. I love the oddball stuff, but if hunting away from home where I know I have ammo, I hunt with boaring stuff like the 30-06 and 7mm rem mags. I don't know is the short mags are here to stay or not, that has yet to be seen, but for now, if choosing a gun that I was going to hunt with abroad, I would pick a standard loading that I knew would be available most anywhere I was likely to hunt.
  9. Are you set on the short mags? If so, the 270 and 300 will both do what you want as long as you pick the proper bullet for t he job. If just a short action is what you want, then the rem 350 mag would also be a great choice. Good out to 250-300yds when loaded with 200 or 225gr bullets, and 250's for elk and moose. Lots of smash and still enough range for 99% of your hunting needs. I have a 358 win and a 35 Whelen improved both bracket the power level of the rem 350. Also, if you like a bit more oddball stuff, find yourself a 284 win and split the differance of the 270 and 300 short mags and go with a 284 with simular balistics.
  10. If you reload, thr 308 is the right gun. The 30-30 type of recoil is about right for young shooters. If you reload, the 7mm/tcu is to me ideal for short range and young hunters.
  11. I would be interested in this boat. Where are you and boat located? Also, could I get some pics also? [email protected] Thank you for your time.
  12. My vote would be a 257 Roberts. Load it up with 100gr Barns X and you will have a dandy light elk gun. For lite loads 75 and 87-87 bullets will work great for varmits, and after your eye heals up a bit, you can load up 115-120gr bullets in the roberts and have something better than the 243 for deer and somewhat larger game, but also one that will go head to head with the 243 on varmits. When I shoot my 243 it seems to have a crack to the sound of the shot that is really in need of ear protection. My 257 on the other hand will not leave your ears ringing if you take a shot without earplugs. They are both slinging their lead at the same speed give or take 75fps. I find the bob to be a bit more versital than the 243, and recoil is low. Plus, the Roberts is just plain cool!!
  13. Rem 673 in 350 rem mag. Short,light, and will hit hard. If you reload even better. The only negative is not availabe in stainless, and has a laminated wood stock. It would still be a heck of a good choice.
  14. I would agree, that working from a bench that is too low is not good. Comfortable while standing has been what works best for me. My bench is 14ft, and I still would like to have more room.
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