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  1. ButchHero

    1981 Johnson 50hp

    Yeah, it was on an elderly couple's pontoon that didn't see the outside of the garage very often... Thanks for your input!
  2. ButchHero

    1981 Johnson 50hp

    Hi- I am trying to find out the approximate value of my 50hp Johnson outboard. I tried a couple of different websites, including NADA, and haven't had any luck. Would anyone on here be able to direct me to a site that might be helpful? Or if there are any experts... It's a 1981 50hp longshaft with electric start. It's in perfect condition, and only has about 40 hours on it. Thanks for any info!
  3. We have a strange looking rose-breasted grosebeak on our feeder- there are several others frequenting the feeder today (5 or 6 males steadily, and 3 or 4 females. This oddball (?) has the breast markings of the males (red on white) with the head and primaries of a female- i.e. brown and white striping. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here? The bird is as large (if not larger) than the other rose-breasted(s) on the feeder.
  4. ButchHero

    Bob cats

    Yeah, sorry- I just re-read that! I'm in the NE
  5. ButchHero


    Goose, are you specifically targeting coyotes? I thought that you were- fishermann is definitely right about the sifted snow (depending on how much you use) freezing too much for smaller critters, although I've used this method for fisher and had success, too. I use Balsam Pine boughs, just the small ends of the branch (the last 4-6 inches) because of the flat needles- just enough of them to make a bed for the trap, and they keep the scent covered, too.
  6. ButchHero


    I've always used waxed paper and pine boughs in the snow- waxed paper first, pine boughs, trap, waxed paper on top, sifted snow (I use a baking sifter, but try to use as little snow as possible- you don't need to completely cover the paper, just blend it a little- even sifted snow will refreeze and pack together)
  7. ButchHero

    Bob cats

    The toughest part of bobcat trapping is finding them- once you locate their travel route, catching them is easy, because they use the same trails (almost down to the exact footprint) over and over. Look for tracks just inside the edges of cover around small, natural openings in the woods or ridgelines. Once you find tracks, a blind set leg-hold should work just fine- reduces the possibility of fisher, marten, etc. as opposed to a baited set. Are you in MN? If so, you can't use visual attractants this year (i.e. wings, feathers, tinsel, etc.) I'm no pro, but this is what I was told when I started, and it's worked for me.
  8. We see a lot of them around home (Hibbing) and at the lake (Orr) and have for years. Sadly, I usually get 1 or 2 in my traps every year, too...
  9. ButchHero

    Canadas...Lots of Them

    Normally I am pretty disinterested in pictures of Canada Geese- probably because there are so many of them and so many opportunities to photograph them that they get "overexposure" (for lack of a better term...) but these are absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. Great work!!
  10. ButchHero

    Any Northern Ducks?

    Yeah, I know a couple of guys who have shot scoter in the area, and I shot an oldsquaw out in west-central mn in '99. They must come off of Superior once in a while...
  11. ButchHero

    Any Northern Ducks?

    Lots of goldeneyes flying over my deer stand this morning...got out on the lake this afternoon- mostly buffleheads and goldeneyes in the bays, still no bills on the lake yet. Shot 2 White-Winged Scoter, though! That's a first- poor buggers must have got lost in the snow...
  12. ButchHero

    Cocky Little Spruce Grouse...

    Beautiful pic, but I do believe that is a male ruffed grouse- males tend to have a reddish/orange skin patch above the eyelid, while in females it tends to be bluish/grey.
  13. Sweet Baby Ray's or Famous Dave's Sweet-n-Zesty have been my faves for duck/goose in the crock pot or on the grill. For crock pot ducks try a mix of soy sauce and chili sauce, or Lipton beef onion recipe packets with about 8oz of water added (I usually cut up potatoes, onions, and carrots and throw 'em in there, too- easy meal!)
  14. 4 woodies, 2 or 3 teal, and 5 mallards- no drakes. Much more realistic this time of year when they're still flying in family groups and the drakes are still eclipsed...