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  1. Sunday, March 10th, Cragun's Resort - poolside, 1-5pm Brainerd Muskies Inc is sponsoring a Lure/Tackle Swap with a Poolside Demo. Thousands of lures and tackle, new and used! All species of lures. Muskie, pike, walleye, bass, lure making components, etc. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! There are 25 tables/booths available for rent for swappers to come and set up to buy, sell or trade. Rates are $20/booth. Rates include an 8' table in a 10'x10' area for displays, etc. Up to 2 people can share a table to split the cost if so desired. All lures or tackle welcomed. If it's used for fishing it's good to go. Retailers and lure manufacturers welcomed. Musky Tackle Online will be putting on a poolside demo of some new muskie lures for 2013. The pool will also be open for people to try out lures or tackle. Test drive before you buy! This event is a great place to sell those extra lures/tackle or pick a bunch up at some of the best prices around! Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  2. I have boated many muskies on this jerkbait. I have just about every color Wade has put on the market. It's a great lure! I like it better than the Suick. It can be used in many different ways. Rip it, twitch it, jerk it or with long sweeps. It all depends on what type of structure your fishing. I find the best action for me is to sweep/jerk it until I reach the "sweet spot" of the structure and then give it a couple pops/fast twitches, then pause for a split second, then a couple more quick pops, pause and then continue. That quick snap/pop really makes the tail wiggle. Jeff
  3. Between now and July 28th, DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten needs to hear from you! He needs to hear your support for the Muskie/Pike Management Plan. Emails and letters mean nothing at this point in time. You need to call him directly. It only takes 30 seconds to voice your support. Even though there is great support for the plan it's been quiet from supporters and the negative responses have taken hold. So this is it! One last rally from the troops to get this plan passed! Please make your call NOW! We're FINALLY at the point where things are going to happen but he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to hear from you! Mark Holsten, DNR Commissioner 651-259-5555 Leave your name and number. If you don't talk to him personally...leave a voicemail. Here is a link to the MN DNR web page with the Management Plan. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fisheries/muskiepike_2020.html
  4. I've been running a console for the past year (ran a tiller for years before that) and there's been times I've missed the tiller. I really like the layout of the Predator with the higher deck and bigger livewell. Curious if anyone runs a Predator or Pro Guide and your thoughts on it? Handling, speed, etc. Jeff
  5. I'm looking for suggestions on a shop to take my Optimax in for repairs. Here's the syptom. I have a 2006 200 Optimax and on top end it starts to stall after about 1-2 minutes and I have to back off to 1/2 to 3/4 throttle to keep it running smooth. It'll run smooth all day there but when I try to open it up again it'll do the same thing. The warning light stays on as soon as the key is turned on as well. Here's the issue. I took it in to a reputable dealer here in Central MN and they had it for 1 1/2 weeks and couldn't find a thing. The guy didn't seem too "in the know" on Optimax's. So now I'm a little gunshy on where to take it if this well known dealer and service department can't fix my problem. Any suggestions on where to take it? I'd drive across the state if I have to just to get it running right before the season. Thanks. Jeff
  6. All, Our 5th Annual Banquet is next weekend Feb 9th at Cragun's Resort. Once again it is being held in the Sports Centre. Tickets are getting down there. We only have about 60 left! Youth tickets are sold out. Tickets are again $40 which include a 3 meat buffet and a chance to win 1 of 4 Grand Prizes. Everyone attending gets a door grab bag with goodies worth at least $25! Some are loaded up to $75 or more! Here's a list of the Grand Prizes. 1 week stay at Break on the Lake Resort Weatherby 270 rifle with scope Custom muskie rod with Calcutta 400TE reel Ice Fishing package featuring a FishTrap X2 Over $30,000 of other prizes to be won in games, raffles, silent and live auctions. Some prizes include: G3 V14 Guide boat and trailer w/ 15hp Yamaha 4 stroke Guide Trips Resort Stays Shotguns and Rifles Lures , Nets, Rod and Reel combos, AquaVu's, electronics, etc.... The list is long! Some 600 items on hand! If you've been to one of our Banquets in the past you know what it's like and this year looks to be better! We have several special prizes and surprises! It really is a GREAT TIME! Since the Banquet date is getting real close and mailing tickets may not be delivered in time...please call me at 218-821-3669 for tickets. Thanks and I hope to see you on the 9th! Jeff Young VP - Brainerd Muskies brainerdmuskies.com 218-821-3669
  7. The Brainerd Lakes Chapter - Muskies Inc banquet is coming up soon. Saturday March 18 at Cragun's Sports Centre and our guest speaker is Dick Pearson. Well over $30,000 in prizes to be won through many raffles, games and silent auctions. Tickets are $40 each which include a chance to win 1 of 5 Grand Prizes, a 3 meat buffet, a door prize worth $15-$25 (everyone attending gets a door prize), and hear Dick speak for the last time before he retires from speaking. Since it is Dick's last speaking engagement we are working on getting a few other top name muskie guys to come a pay a farewell tribute. It shaping up to be a great night. For more info and ticket order form shoot me an email and I'll get it to you. Tickets are limited and are going fast! Jeff Young Brainerd Lakes [email protected] 218-821-3669 cell
  8. March 5th is right around the corner! Time and tickets are running out. Saturday March 5th at Craguns Resort. Banquet starts at 5pm. Tickets are $40 each which include a door prize, listen to Jim Saric speak, and enjoy a 3 meat buffet. Here is a partial list of prizes to be won. 1 week stay Break on the Lake Resort - Cass Lake 1 week stay Shingwak Resort - LOTW - Sioux Narrows 1 week stay Birch Villa Resort - Cass Lake Sako 300 WSM rifle Benelli shotguns Ruger 10-22 rifles AquaVu 360 Quad and Scouts GPS ifinders Lowrance X-15's w/ GPS $400 Custom muskie rod Muskie and Walleye rod and reel combos Fig Rig Rods Over 300 lures including the HOT "WEAGLE" Ice fishing package includes Otter/sled, Jiffy auger, Scout Guided trips on Mille Lacs Flambeau Tackle boxes And DOZENS MORE!!! For tickets go to www.brainerdmuskies.com or call 218-821-3669 or 218-764-2580. HURRY 'cause time is short!! Jeff Young [email protected]
  9. Jim Saric is the guest speaker at the Brainerd Lakes Chapter of Muskies Inc 2nd Annual Banquet on March 5th. Over $30,000 in prizes to be won. Guide trips, electronics, lures, resort stays, shotguns, rifles, nets, muskie and walleye rod and reel combos, custom rods as well and tons more! Check our HSOforum at brainerdmuskies.com for ticket info. See you there. Jeff Young
  10. Wilderness55, your problem is often thought as bearing problems. Add a little oil to your brake blocks to take care of the squeal. If the noise comes back time and time again THEN look to the bearings. riverrat56, check out fishingreelrepair.com for your levelwind and pawl parts. Good service and parts. good luck Jeff
  11. I hear alot that July is a great time to chase muskies up there. What about August and later into the fall? Does the algae bloom create a big problem then? If I couldn't make up there in July, what time would be the best time to go, Aug., Sept., or Oct.? What tactics and locations would work best in August or later? Thanks Jeff
  12. We also have: 1 day guided trip with Greg Thomas 1/2 day guided trip with Chad Cain 3day/3 night stay at Red Wing Lodge, LOTW Launch trips on Mille Lacs Dozens of lures Tons More! [This message has been edited by jyoung (edited 01-26-2004).]
  13. Jeff Our chapter board members have created a fun, exciting and educational enviroment for its' members. We have our monthly meetings like Terry mentioned. We also have 5 on the water meetings. June - October. We fish various lakes in the area. We also have a chapter challunge in August. It's like a mini tournament. In the off season we have a lot of educational and entertaining speakers at the monthly meetings! We have a TON of new ideas to make this chapter one of the best in the country! We also work with the DNR to help improve this exciting sport. Come to one of our meetings or check out our HSOforum at brainerdmuskies.com to get a taste of what we are about. Also we are having our first annual fundraising banquet on the 7th of Feb. at Craguns Resort. Our guest speaker is Jim Lindner. We have over $20,000 worth of prizes to be given away by way of door prizes, silent auctions and raffles! Everyone who walks through the door gets a door prize worth 20-40 dollars! A great night is planned! (See Duck's post to see some of the prizes.) Other prizes include 6 guided musky trips (Musky Nut Guide Service, Chad Cain, Greg Thomas, Wohl Bros. and more), trip to the L.O.T.W, shotguns, rods, reels, lures and TONS more! If you need any additional info you can contact our President Jeff Wohl at 218-765-4183 or myself. Jeff Young V.P. Brainerd Lakes Chapter [email protected] 218-821-3669 [This message has been edited by jyoung (edited 01-26-2004).]
  14. here just S.E. of Brainerd--10 inches
  15. JJJ, Oh,well....alright. It was Cedar.
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