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  1. trollingforeyes

    Stay safe

    It is natures way of strengthening the gene pool
  2. trollingforeyes

    Playoffs anyone??

    Packers all the way! Pass the cheese Please!
  3. trollingforeyes

    reputable remote starter installers

    Compustar by a looooong shot I have had 2 of their long range models in different vehicles with excellent results. Specs said 1 mile range in the open. I have experienced 1 1/4 miles over open water measured by GPS numerious times. I have gotten mine from Mach 1 down there in the cites.
  4. trollingforeyes

    Let's see your Mouse photos!

    Careful...PETA is watching!
  5. trollingforeyes

    tree sap

    Try some isopropanol alcohol
  6. trollingforeyes


    This 41 inch monster Walleye (weight unknown) was caught thru 14 inches of ice just north of Catawba Island in 27 ft. of water by one lucky ice fisherman. A buddy of mine who is an ice fishing guide on Put-In-Bay sent me this picture today. Estimated weight is 20-22 lbs making it one of the largest Walleye ever caught in the entire country. They are waiting for the weight to be officially verified but it looks to have completely smashed the previous state record of 16 lbs 3oz. How can I cut and paste a picture of this monster in this post?
  7. trollingforeyes

    Jeep Grand Cherokee NO HEAT

    One no cost thing that can be tried is to warm up the car and set the heater to high temp. Now if one of the heater hoses is hot and the other cold it is possible that there is an air lock in the heater core. This can be eliminating by removing the cold hose from the heater core tube while the engine is running. You do not have to completely remove it, just show a small space between the tube and hose to let any air expel from the system. If you have coolant flowing at this point and both hoses are hot, then you have to look at the blend doors.
  8. trollingforeyes

    Water Temps Grand Rapids Area

    Anyone know the water temp here in the GR area now?
  9. trollingforeyes

    Looking for a used 4-wheeler.....a few questions.

    I have a 04 700 carb. The 1st winter I had a cold start issue. Then I heard thru this form that there was a factory service bulletin where they would take the ATV under warranty and re build and rejet the carb. After this was done there were no issues till the original bat died. I replaced it with a AGM battery from batteries plus. No problems the last 3 years. I have 2600 miles on it.
  10. trollingforeyes

    Best paint for repainting a lightly rusted wheelhouse frame?

    I have thought of this problem for some time. I did not like the idea of powder coat flaking off after some time and issues with paint. One day I was looking under my truck while doing PM on it and noticed my frame. The truck was rustprofed at Ziebart 10 years ago and still looked like day one. The coating had done a remarkable job in all of the salt of 10 years. You may wish to talk to them as it may well be worth the money if you are keeping the house for some time.
  11. trollingforeyes

    Eating Bass

    Yiiiiiiiiiiiiish! Bass is a rought fish. If you like bass try suckers, dogfish, carp. Bass are also known as grass carp!
  12. trollingforeyes

    trail maps for gps

    Go to the DNR Web site.
  13. trollingforeyes

    Rod Cases

    Check out the the hard case one from otter. Not sure if it will work for a 45".I love mine.
  14. trollingforeyes

    Portable Fish House lights

    Anyone know if there is a 12 Volt LED Rope light for a fish house. What is the brightest alternatives? Where can i get them. Thanks Guys
  15. trollingforeyes

    2004 Polaris 700

    Worth a try Norm. I did take a small 300 AMP car emergency jumper battery bought at Menards and jumped started the ATV. This more then doubled the cranking RPMs and it started right away. Sounds like I have to buy a battery.