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  1. They handed out a nice map at the orientation. The area is smaller than the normal ripley hunt but still very large. There is a road that cuts across, I think it was Cassino (??). The hunt area was everything north of there except certain "stay out" areas that are well marked. We hunted the NW side. I setup 2 stands at first then one for junior if we moved (didn't have climbers then). I sat at bottom of tree in a makeshift blind and called a little for him. I can't recommend this hunt enough. Camp Ripley, DNR, MDHA and all the rest of the voluneers do a great job with the kids and make it a great experience.
  2. I have taken 2 of my son's there in past years. It was a very good experience. Lot’s of room to rome and scout. The first time was the inaugural youth hunt and my son harvested a fork on the last day. My advice would be to go up for the Friday morning orientation and spend as much time scouting as you can. I had never been there before so we mostly looked for areas that deer were crossing the road or walked logging roads that looked good. There is so much area to hunt that settling on a spot was actually hard!! We ended up hunting an area that was getting clear cut after we talked to one of the loggers and he said he had seen a nice 8 walking around. We did see that deer but never got within range of it. The second son hunted a few years later in the same general area but only saw does. I would definitely pack a lunch and cooler and bring with you as driving back to the camp is a haul. They put on a nice breakfast in the morning and I believe a dinner one night. We stayed in town at a motel both times but a lot of people camped or stayed in the barracks. All in all a very quality hunt and experience and highly recommended!!
  3. Hbox, Sounds like a good idea. Let us know how it works. Hugo
  4. Was out after the storm on Thursday and moved no fish. Water is startiung to get greened up pretty good. FYI - DNR has a sign saying the access will be closed on the 19th for a water ski show. Hugo
  5. Probably hit WB early tomorrow morn if the wind lets up or I'm thinking about making a run up to Rush. Never fished it for ski's before. Hugo
  6. Gonna hit a NE Metro lake early on Saturday and then get things ready to head to Lac Seul on Wed. Dave
  7. Propster, I was on Island on opener also. Saw 4 fish on Sat. 3 in the weeds with the biggest (upper 40's) on the weed edge on a crankbait. No hookups either. Hugo
  8. RU, Man I've seen some good ones: Zeppelin in the late 70's at the Civic center, can't remember the exact year..after all it was the 70's... Tool was awefully good last year at the X. Hugo
  9. I was up on North Star in July and this guy and his son would go out and troll all day with a downrigger for muskie out of matching Crestliners. The Dad would catch a sub 48" (designated 48" or over lake) and would start yelling and screaming out on the lake, put the fish in his livewell and yell all the way back to the resort. He would then show the whole resort the fish down by the dock, drop it in the boat, pick it up and take 10 pictures and then toss it back in the lake in front of the resort. He thought he was a great muskie hunter. What a (Contact Us Please). Hugo
  10. RU, Don't you ever work??? Sounds like a good morning to not be!!!! Let's get out and rip it up soon. Hugo
  11. Was ot Monday Morn and saw 3 fish. Had one hit that got off after a short fight. The fish I saw were shallow in thick weeds with the wind blowing in. Hugo
  12. Fished Yellow Saturday only. Saw lots of fish but no eaters for us. Got one nice walleye and a load of pike. Gliders & Suicks worked the best. The fish we saw were on the wind blown shore on the weed edge. Weird day with the wind and cold front that moved through in the late afternoon early eve. The wind swithed around almost 180 degrees in a few minutes it seemed. Hugo
  13. Saw fish but didn't get any to eat. Most were sub 40's except one that was maybe low 40. Pike were hungry as usual though.
  14. Son #2 HS grad party is opener weekend. May hit some Metro lakes Sunday eve. (WB,BE,FL). Definately will be out for the Wisc. opener though. Hugo
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