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    Friday open seat

    Is your spot still open? I just e-mailed you and would love to tag along.
  2. Slabs

    Cat Tip of the Day: Cut Bait Tutorial

    Thanks Steve for the great tutorial. I'm printing this off and bringing it with me on my next fishing trip. Rookie question: I just read on another site where they say cut bait is generally better when the water is cooler (below 60 degrees) and should not be used as much in the summer when the water is warmer. It looks like it works fine for you guys when the water temp is above that. Is this something to think about and if so is there a time to shy away from cut bait in the summer. Also if I'm thinking about heading out for a fishing trip next weekend and wanted to use this weekend to catch fish (for cut bait)... what would be the best way to keep it until next weekend? Thanks!!